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Advertise Here DEMO DAYS - Compensation

Monday, December 3, 2012
This event has ended. Click Enter Event to view the archive.
Virtual Demo Days where you can view the latest and greatest HR products and services! Are you interested in learning about what’s out there? Want the scoop on the hottest trends from HR experts?

Each virtual demo is free of charge to attend and no more than an hour. Online Q&A to follow.

Please Note: DEMO only, no certification granted.

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Darwin Hanson, President & CEO(Talent Management Evolution)

This is a demo. No Certifcation Credit will be granted.

If you need the best possible information and the best possible analyses in order to hire, motivate and retain highest quality people, CompXpert is the software solution for you.

Most companies agree that hiring, motivating and retaining highly skilled workers is fundamental to their success, but few approach their labor market as rationally as they do their consumer markets. The key to maximizing competitive advantage is combining all available information to properly allocate your internal labor resources against the external labor market where you compete for talent.

Once the commitment has been made to use external benchmarks to guide compensation, the struggle for the compensation department is to perform the analysis as productively and efficiently as possible. How can you possibly manage, evaluate and analyze all the various types of data available? How do you balance your internal value and labor strategy against the external market for pay decisions? Is your evaluation process efficient and reliable? Is the vendor subscription data you gather at a high cost reliable? For sake of getting the process complete, do you just quickly match your job titles to the market titles, call it good and then run out of time to analyze your competitive strategy?

CompXpert helps companies from all sizes and industries to get the best value out of their market data. With CompXpert you and your compensation team are able to quickly:
• Prescreen your market data with over 30 individual metrics that ensure the integrity of your market data investment
• Market price jobs and develop market composites for all components of Total Cash
• Develop a comprehensive picture of the competitive market position for your company jobs, both for on-off valuations and the annual complete benchmark development process
• Design new and update existing salary structures using sophisticated analytical tools
• Apply a flexible but consistent labor market strategy throughout the enterprise
• Organize your survey submission process – not just a simple export of matched employee data but with a full featured submission, collect and add to the vendor request general policy practices in the vendors exact template with all survey job profiles and descriptions.

With CompXpert, making better competitive pricing decisions is a snap. We have a CompXpert solution that not only fits your analysis needs today, but will grow with you as your needs change both tomorrow and far into the future – all at a price that fits your budget perfectly!

Erik Charles, Principal Incentives Strategist(Xactly Corporation)


There's more to incenting your sales team than just rewarding revenue. You need something that will motivate the team to perform beyond expectations. Today's complex selling environment demands that HR professionals implement compensation and incentive plans geared toward achieving competitive levels of growth. We'll show you how to keep your sales team focused on all the right measures including tips based on proven research to help HR professionals drive winning behaviors and develop focused, diligent reps who consistenly reach quota. When done right, automating your incentive compensation boosts rep productivity and company profits. You'll potentially see 36% faster revenue growth. When done wrong, you waste time, energy and resources. What's worse: you might actually discourage your reps from selling. We'll touch on some best practices for incentive plans:

* Choose effective and clear incentives to align reps with company goals. You may consider tailoring incentives to your unique sales force for even better results.

* Communicate your plan thoroughly. By incenting right - and effectively communicating changes - you'll help sales reps sell more.

* Pick the right metrics for your growing organization. Make sure they motivate success and deliver the results you want.

* Use an automated dashboard. Everything from prospect to payroll is visible for you and your reps. You can see how the team is progressing towards goals, how the product mix is being sold, and how industries are being penetrated.

Instead of guessing what will motivate your team, you'll know the best rewards to get your reps to move the revenue needle.

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