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HR Information Systems: Audits, Compliance and Risk Management

August 26-27, 2013
This event has ended. Click Enter Event to view the archive.
A Human Resource Management System (HRMS) or Human Resource Information System (HRIS), refers to the systems and processes at the intersection between human resource management (HRM) and information technology. It merges HRM as a discipline and in particular its basic HR activities and processes with the information technology field.

Do you want that competitive edge in your professional space? Do you want to assert your knowledge of current HR topics, trends within your domain? Why not set yourself apart from your peers and get certified with and the Institutes for Human Resources (IHR).

The Institute for Human Resources (IHR), the certification and accreditation process arm of, has a program for you! Many HR professionals have a general HR degree or certification with a wide spectrum of HR functionalities learned. The IHR is the only institute that focuses on niche areas within Human Resources. A specialty certification increases your market value, adds value to your work experience, furthers your knowledge, and recognizes you as an industry leader and/or expert in the field.

Conference Webcast Schedule
Lynn Lievonen, People Pleaser(

Welcome to the Institute for Human Resources (IHR) Virtual Event for HR Information Systems: Audits, Compliance and Risk Management. The Institute provides an opportunity to bring together industry thought leaders in a year-long community that promotes best practices among vendors and HR Professionals with a series of research, webcasts, presentations, virtual events, and market research.

This 15-minute introductory session will give you an overview of the Institute for Human Resources - HRIS certification program, which launched in March 2011 with a two-day virtual event. This will mark the 10th virtual event for this great community and to date over 14,500 HR professionals have registered for our programs.

The purpose of this session is to provide you with the webcast topics and speakers that will be presented over the next two days. All of these webcasts have been approved for HRCI recertification credits (the only exception being this introductory webcast).

The management of this Institute would not be possible without the input from the Advisory Board, which ensures that all courses and educational components are relevant to current industry trends.

A calendar of future events will be shared so that members can pre-register now to add the dates to their calendars, for the HRIS vertical. You will be given guidance on how to chat online with colleagues and access the Virtual Exhibit Hall which includes floors for our Sponsors, Speakers and Suppliers, prior to and during the entire two-day event. You will also learn how to network with your peers by visiting the Lounge. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have, as it relates to the overall program, prior to the event's commencement. Don’t forget, this is a great opportunity to converse with our industry experts! Looking forward to your participation!

Dónal McLoughlin, Marketing Manager(Core HR)
Denis Barnard, CEO(HRcomparison Ltd)
Conor Kiernan, Head of Sales(Core HR)

A strong business case is required to get management support for a new HR and payroll system. Having an appropriate signature that approves the project may not be enough. You need a business case that resists deferral or budgetary and resource drain.

This webinar from and gives practical advice on how to build such a business case.

We consider four steps to follow in the preparation of the case;

1.       Evaluate the opportunity

- Look at ‘As-is’ processes and identify inefficiencies or points of weakness
- Know who is affected by the service you provide and who your stakeholders are

2.       Measure the opportunity

- Measure the duration of processes, end to end

3.       Define the benefits

- Compare ‘As-is’ processes with ‘To-be’ processes
- Identify the benefits from a cost and process point of view

4.       Get buy-in internally

- Sell the idea to your stakeholders (managers, senior managers, HR team and employees)

Efficiencies and Time Savings

It explores the efficiencies and time-saving benefits that an integrated HR and payroll system can bring to an organization across five areas:

1.       Self-service

- Access to HR data at the point of need

2.       Work flow

- Eliminate wasteful tasks and improve efficiencies

3.       Reports

- Automated reports that pull real-time data rather than manual compilation

4.       Triggered actions

- Automated actions in response to changes in standing data rather than manual intervention

5.       Organization charts

- Charts that automatically update with changes in the data

Finally, it considers what success looks like so you can imagine the benefits a new HR system can bring to your organization. This considers the benefits in terms of Integrated HR tools and access to HR data at the point of need (self-service).

Jason Bodin, PR Specialist(Paycom)
Brittany Shaw, Corporate Trainer(Paycom)

When news of health care reform first surfaced, Paycom compiled an internal team to research, study and collect information to ensure Paycom’s customers would be armed with everything they needed to mitigate ACA compliance. Word began to spread and soon Paycom became the HR Technology provider that companies across the nation looked to for information and resources on ACA compliance and reporting requirements. Paycom developed this webinar to empower participants with the information they need to better understand how to mitigate ACA compliance exposure. Having the right HR technology designed to pull required data from Payroll, benefits administration, time and attendance, COBRA and document management is key to proving and reporting on the standard measurement period, along with other complex reporting requirements determined by the federal government.

This webinar will cover what it means to “pay-or-play” in this new era of health care reform. In addition, the webinar will cover “hot topics” including Flexible Spending Account Annual limits, Summary of Benefits and Coverage, waiting period for automatic enrollment of benefits, qualifying dependent coverage and the new COBRA election notice.

Did you know simply offering health insurance to your employees does not mean you are in compliance? Learn what steps you need to take today in order to prove you’ve notified employees of exchange opportunities. Eliminate uncertainties associated with ever-changing health care reform by attending this informative webinar on ACA.

In this presentation you will learn:

Whether your company will “pay-or-play” in regards to health care reform.
• If your current Benefits Administration system gives you the resources to stay in compliance with the ACA.
• How a seamless workflow of benefits, time and attendance, payroll and COBRA reduce exposure to violations associated with administering employee benefits.
• The aspects of the Affordable Care Act that are impacted by the delay to 2015.

Kristie Evans, CEO/Thought Leader(HR Logistics LLC)

Wouldn’t you like to interview top HRIT executives and ask them, “How do you make important HR technology decisions?” In this survey, we did just that! The first annual HRIT Roadmap Survey was conducted in collaboration with the MBA/HRIS concentration program at the State University of New York/Albany.

From our survey results, you will learn how top organizations are managing the supply and demand of HRIT from a technical, skills, and strategic perspective and how they make important HR technology decisions – including areas such as prioritization, integration of disparate systems, governance, workforce analytics, and HRIT workforce planning – just to name a few. Our survey results reveal the decision-making process used and factors and insights driving the development of strategic HRIT roadmaps. We uncover how other organizations are making decisions about staffing levels, project management skills, and serving their Human Resources customers.

By the end of the presentation, you will know how your colleagues are managing their budgets and create value for their organizations. Our participants are composed of mid-level to large organizations, local and global, with employee populations ranging from 1,000 to 50,000 people. Survey participation was “by invitation only” and was intentionally directed at larger organizations to enhance the complexity of systems and management required in a demanding HRIT environment.

After attending this presentation, participants will be able to identify key drivers of HRIT decision making and selection, as well as specific and targeted ideas for improving their roadmap process and factors to consider in the design of their roadmap.

Peter Melan, President(VeraTrack)

As employers strive to hire the most qualified people to work in their companies, several bottlenecks could prevent someone from being offered a position ranging from questionable jobs on a resume to potentially harmful criminal information. Yet one underlying issue that seems to creep up in almost every situation is a verification of employment.

We have seen technology evolve to help with this often daunting task but yet companies tend to utilize HR staff or outsourced agencies to contact previous employers via telephone. Electronic employment verifications have taken a shape of their own over the past several years with companies offering various solutions to an age old problem. Major players offer a database and search method which relies on timely HR data to be uploaded into their system so potential employers can inquire into an applicant’s past work history. Other companies use a different and more subtle approach by asking employers via email to verify the information an applicant documented on their job application.

Both methods pose challenges to the HR industry and both face scrutiny from employers. However, does the simplicity and ease at which these systems are designed help or hurt an industry that relies on technology to enhance talent management processes to ensure a quicker and more effective hiring of qualified individuals? This is one of many questions almost all HR departments face in an ever-growing technology world and the concept of electronic employment verifications does seem logical and should fit into the talent management segment of your business.

Roy Farrell, Managing Director(HR Value, LLC)

C-Suite credibility requires mastery of planning techniques and the ability to model pay and performance options quickly and clearly for a busy, non-specialist audience. This requires an enabling technology. Technology promises to deliver solutions, but often falls short because core HR technology solutions are built to address the very important compliance and administration tasks of their profession, largely driven by Payroll, Benefits, and record keeping.

We continue our series on using Excel and VBA to automate the spreadsheets and develop powerful and sophisticated business tools in Excel. If you regularly use spreadsheets to produce a series of monthly charts and reports, or send spreadsheets to managers, you can have VBA do the same task for you in a matter of seconds

We use the specific example of a Salary Planning Tool to show how you can use VBA code to automate many time-intensive processes.

In Part I, we showed how Excel and VBA can be part of an HRIS strategy that uses the core HRIS for what it does well, and Excel and VBA to give you all the ‘good stuff’ you need to be an effective business partner.

Part 2 focused on using GUIs to develop a flawless and foolproof workflow, using ‘Userforms’ in VBA to display information and allow you to input data.

Part 3 showed you how you can import data into spreadsheets with a ‘click of the mouse’ in a completely automated process and consolidate tools that have been completed, with no ‘cut and paste’ or formatting.
It would be helpful to review these presentations prior to viewing Part 4, if you didn't attend them in the past.

Part 4 will be a deeper dive into Userforms, in a tool that integrates performance rating sheets with a salary planning tool. This is not a blah, blah, blah talk of pay philosophies, but will show specific, custom solutions and the code you can use to build your own solutions.

We will show many specific examples of what can be done to simplify any process and take the time, effort and errors out of building tools for managers. We will show the specific VBA code that is used to automate these time intensive processes. We will also make available an Excel spreadsheet that shows the actual VBA code.

Sponsors for this event:

IHR Certifications
Are you becoming an industry expert?    Each One Hour Webcast on is reviewed and can qualify for an Institute for Human Resources credit.    The Institute for Human Resources Certification Program provides HR Professionals with an opportunity to specialize in one vertical or domain, making them an Industry Expert.   Each of’s webcasts are reviewed and evaluated against the verticals/domains criteria, and one credit hour can be applied to the appropriate vertical or domain.   For more information regarding the IHR Certification Program, please click here or visit:
Did you know that each one-hour webcast is submitted to qualify for HR Certification Institute recertification credits? The archive of the webcast also qualifies recertification credits, for one (in some cases two) year(s) after the original broadcast. You can get your PHR, SPHR, GPHR and credits all without ever leaving your desk. We know how busy today's successful HR professionals are, which is why we're committed to delivering the best education to you in an easy and entertaining format. For more information about certification or recertification, please visit the HR Certification Institute homepage at
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