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Canadian Masters in HR Strategy and Execution

February 27-28, 2013
This event has ended. Click Enter Event to view the archive.
The Canadian Masters in HR Strategy and Execution is breaking new ground in Canada's HR industry. It is an online program offering courses dedicated to best practices and a wide spectrum of considerations of HR functionalities and Canadian regulations. And the best part about it is that you can attend the workshops from your desk!

Do you want that competitive edge in your professional space? Do you want to assert your knowledge of current HR topics and trends within your domain? Why not set yourself apart from your peers and get certified with and the Institute for Human Resources (IHR).

Many HR professionals have a general HR degree or certification with a broad knowledge of HR functionalities. The Institute for Human Resources (IHR) is the only institute that focuses on niche areas within Human Resources. A specialty certification increases your market value, adds impact to your work experience, furthers your knowledge, and recognizes you as an industry leader and/or expert in the field. The Institute for Human Resources (IHR), the certification and accreditation process arm of, has a program for you!

Conference Webcast Schedule
Lynn Lievonen, People Pleaser(

       The Institute for Human Resources (IHR) Canadian Masters in HR Strategy and Execution certification program launched in August 2011 with a two-day virtual event. Subsequent events have been held on February 22/23, 2012; May 2/3, 2012; August 1/2, 2012 and November 19/20, 2012. Archives of all of these events and webcasts are available on To date, over 7,000 HR professionals have registered for this programs. The purpose of this introductory session is to provide you with an update on the webcast topics and speakers that will be presenting over these two days. In addition, for those of you who have not participated in one of these events in the past, you will be shown how to register for any newly-added webcasts and make use of the virtual Exhibit Hall, where you can increase your knowledge on product and service suppliers in the Canadian marketplace. You will also learn how to network with your peers by visiting the lounge. The Institute for Human Resources has launched 20 different certification programs and in this case, the program has been designed for those HR professionals who are responsible for Canadian employees. This short webcast (about 15 minutes in length) will provide you with complete information on what is required to obtain certification from the Institute for Human Resources. The management of this Institute would not be possible without the input from the Advisory Board. This session will also introduce all the members of the Advisory Board to you. A calendar of future events will be shared so that members can pre-register now to add the dates to their calendars.

Michael Damm, President / Owner(People Tracks Employee Screening)

Over 90% of U.S. businesses screen candidates versus only 45% of Canadian organizations. We are a trusting, warm, “big hug” country, welcoming young and old, male and female and all races to our places of employment - which is one reason why we live in Canada. However, we expose that NEW person to our existing staff, company assets, proprietary information, products, materials, systems, and of course your business reputation. He or she sounds good, looks competent, is sharp, has glowing recommendations and a stellar education, now what? Do you spend the time and money to check and verify or go on your gut feeling? Today the risks are too great.

Times have changed; 11% of new hires have criminal records and they hope you do not run that search. They want what you have - and that’s not your job offer. There has been a reported 45% rise in resume and application fabrications and embellishments. Over 3,000 diploma mills worldwide have increased fraudulent degrees, even for grade 12 diplomas. There are creative past employer cover ups and created references.

We will review industry oversight and controls for the business of Canadian Employment Screening and what standards you should follow and expect from if outsourcing.

What will you learn? We will review consistent analytical screening programs that will consider job responsibilities while being mindful of Human Rights, PIPEDA and respecting time and money. Need to knows in outsourcing your screening to a company in Canada, the USA or internationally. We will explore tips on Past Employment, Criminal Records, Driver Compliance tools, Education, Credit, Global Risk (terrorist checks) and the ever controversial Social Networks. Whether you hire one or thousands you need to have the tools to only hire the best: great employees are your number one asset, so join us.

Sean Fitzpatrick, President(Talentmap)

TalentMap’s award-winning one-day Workshop is condensed into a practical “how to” talk on how to effectively engage and retain top talent - your top talent. .

The audience will be given first-hand knowledge on TalentMap’s proven talent solutions. This lecture will help build a solid understanding of what it takes to engage and retain employee talent. The speaker will equip participants with the tools needed to take action and impact the organization’s human capital results. The audience will learn how to implement actions that will make the greatest impact on their organization’s performance.

Participants get experience analyzing the meaning of survey results; they discuss delivery strategies and how to develop action plans with their work teams. Upon completion of this presentation participants are equipped with ideas to facilitate plans that will invite employee dialogue in the design of engagement action plans and promote accountability for total organizational engagement.

There will be discussion to distinguish between employee satisfaction and employee engagement thus creating a common language for dialogue. Sean will present what an employee engagement visions statement should contain. Further information will be presented on what influences you as an individual have on bringing your company employee engagement statement to life. How do you share/promote this statement?

So what are the key drivers of employee engagement? Are they different in various companies? How do you determine which ones are important in your corporation? These questions are key to knowing your corporation, knowing what will move your engagement level upwards and obtaining the buy-in from your employees.

Carl Richards, Speech Coach/Corporate Trainer, Professional Speaker(C.A.R.L. Communication And Real Leadership)

Ever had an interview that didn't go as planned? Didn't get the job, or didn't reach the intended audience? A mismanaged interview can lead to the wrong hiring choices, or send the wrong message to your clients and colleagues. This workshop will guide you through a number of interview
situations, show you how to make the right connection and ultimately achieve a desired outcome.
Be it a job interview, media interview or interrogation style interview, at some point, all of us will be in the hot seat as we ask questions, or answer questions. Whether you are being interviewed or conducting an interview, what will you do to ensure your next interview is a success? This webinar is for individuals who want to master the interview process. Whether you are the interviewer or the interviewee, this workshop will move you forward with your interviewing skills.
For the job interviewer, it will give you solid techniques on how to ask the right questions to get the responses you require to be able to make the right hiring choice. For the job seeker, it will share with you what you need to know to best prepare for an interview with a perspective employer.
Some job related interviews are not always positive. Some require a manager or HR Professional to make difficult staffing choices and accept criticism that goes with terminating employees. This workshop will also provide best practices for executing productive exit interviews, while fostering positive relationships and dialogue.
Media scrums can be intimidating, not to mention invasive. This webcast will share with you the best way answer questions when the local media comes knocking. It will analyze types of questions and how to deal with difficult to answer topics.

Timothy Holden, Founder(Toronto Training and HR Inc.)

As the Western world strives to break free of the pressures resulting from the economic downturn, the spotlight increasingly falls on those individuals not performing to an acceptable standard. At a recent networking event the discussion focused upon “how bad is too bad?”

Some would argue that this is all relative. Questions to ask might be:

How clear is the employee handbook around performance?

Are performance reviews being completed in full and on time?

Where is the bar set to assess what or what is not acceptable?

What involvement is there from trade unions?

How objective is the data to measure performance?

The management of poor performers is one area that many supervisors and team leaders find difficult to deal with. Perhaps they like spending time with the poor performer outside of the office, probably they have never received any formal training and possibly they believe things will get better.

This webcast covers techniques that have proved effective in the past in managing poor performers in the workplace.

Timothy Holden is the founder of Toronto Training and HR Inc. (
His career involved banking and consultancy before establishing his own business in 2006, and he has considerable experience of performance management. In his role as a Training and Human Resources consultant he believes that his success to date comes from providing best-in-class, respectful and solution-focused answers that create understanding and foster skills development linked to SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound) objectives. Utilizing an extensive library of case studies and examples of best practice he produces customized recommendations for large and small organizations that really work.

Jonathan Winston, Regional VP Canada(ComPsych)

The pressure is greater than ever upon employers to do more with less, maintain performance and productivity and manage costs. Employers can leverage their employee assistance program (EAP) as part of a strategy to reduce costs, risk, absenteeism and improve efficiency.

This session will take a unique look at how organizations are using employee assistance programs in creative ways to maintain and improve employee productivity throughout organizational changes and challenges. Whether an organization is facing demographic changes, restructuring, leadership and management transitions or pressure on work-life balance, a strategic employee assistance program (EAP) can help stem disability and absenteeism costs while maintaining employee productivity and performance. In this session, “real life” examples of how employers proactively manage employee health and well-being through their EAP, as well as best practices in integrating benefits to achieve maximum effectiveness, will be highlighted.

Looking at case studies of several Canadian companies, the session will explore how your peers tackled the challenges of:
> Disability – A large grocery chain uses EAP to reach out to employees on behavioural health disability leave, resulting in mental health disability leave reduced by 37 per cent, and other disability leave reduced by 32 per cent
> Absenteeism -- A technology company used the EAP to help manage legislative leave, keeping up with laws that vary by province, and connecting employees to relevant EAP/work-life services to speed return to work and improve attendance.
> Health and productivity – A large multinational banking institution integrated wellness with traditional EAP, using counselling to address underlying issues behind unhealthy lifestyles. The result was better health outcomes and lasting lifestyle changes.

Marla Melnyck, HR Specialist(Nortek Solutions Inc.)
Linda Woolley, President(Nortek Solutions Inc.)

According to Charles Darwin, "In the struggle for survival, the fittest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their environment."
In the world today, we are facing major changes that will reshape the workplace of tomorrow. Over the next few decades, the most successful companies will be the ones who adapt well to these changes. Human Resource professionals can help their organizations embrace these changes and prepare for the future.
We anticipate the future workplace to be a very exciting one! The internet has empowered us in so many ways. We can connect with people from all over the globe through social media, we can absorb knowledge through wikis and we can use the web to stay informed and entertained. We can take the internet wherever we go, and access our work anytime, anywhere from our smart devices. Governments are supporting technological advancements through R&D funding and are protecting our privacy through new legislation.
As the baby boomers retire and the next generation of tech-savvy children become the new leaders of the workforce, a whole new set of dynamics will take over. Having grown up with computers and video games, this new generation will take advantage of technology as second nature. They are natural communicators and collaborators with years of practice.
Many HR professionals today see these changes as challenges, but they also present us with incredible opportunities. Technology is rooted in these changes and utilizing it effectively can help companies adapt to new workplace demands.
In this workshop, Linda and Marla will review some of the changes you may be experiencing in your workplace. You will learn how to step up to these opportunities and maximize the potential for your organization’s success. You will also get a glimpse into how leveraging technology will help you and your company adapt and thrive.

Trish Maguire, Leadership Development Coach(Synergyx Solutions)

The single most important challenge for leaders in this economy is bottom line results. The mantra for many leaders since the recession of 2009 is realizing maximum productivity from the least number of resources. It is highly possible that the teams you have now developed are the teams your organization is going to depend upon to achieve their new strategies. Consequently, employee engagement has never been more important.

Research continues to prove that organizations with high employee engagement enjoy high productivity and operating growth, which both drive to profitability. Conversely, research testifies that organizations reporting a decline in operating income experience low levels of engagement. The challenge therefore comes down to two significant findings, which is - the two single most critical factors driving engagement are job fit and leadership. According to recent research by Forbes, real engagement begins and ends with the leader. In other words if you are an engaging and inspiring leader, then your people will be engaged. If you or your organization wants to achieve extraordinary results then your people need to be fully engaged.

This webinar presents an alternative definition for inspiring or engaging leadership – and that is Charismatic Leadership. We’ve seen time and time again that leaders with charisma have a knack for inspiring people to give more and excel at what they do best. Although it is widely believed that you are either born with charisma or not, research proves that leadership charisma can, in fact, be developed. Your leadership charisma can be fostered to bring about amazing results in your business and personal life.

Barbara Morris, President(Elevate Organizations)

Positive or negative, everyone has a personal reputation. It’s how you’re known, how you’re perceived by others and it influences your relationships and your career. A positive reputation is an essential tool for succeeding in today’s competitive environment as a valued leader and person of influence. According to International HR experts, people who have a positive reputation will get better jobs, get promoted more often and get bigger bonuses.

Through this hands-on, highly engaging and interactive session, delegates will learn how to take ownership and full advantage of their personal reputation to enhance their careers and contribute to their organizations.

Questions people should be considering when considering their reputation:

•       Do you worry about your reputation?
•       Do you feel your reputation is out of your control?
•       Do you feel misunderstood and underappreciated?
•       Are you using your personality and individual style to your advantage?
•       Are you reaching your full potential?

Creating a strong reputation will:

•        allow you to be more confident and self-motivated
•       increase personal motivation
•       allow you to stand out as a leader
•       add value to your organization
•       align you with your personal and professional goals

Not only will participants gain insight into how their personal reputation can work for them, they’ll also discover how to use their unique skills and attributes to stand out and expand their success.

Building a strong reputation is not about constructing an image of what you think you should be. It’s about understanding your own strengths, weaknesses and your impact on others.

By the end of the webinar, participants will be able to:
•       Determine how they are currently perceived by others
•       Immediately implement strategies to develop the foundation for a positive reputation
•       Develop systematic ways to ensure that they continue to enjoy and build on their positive reputation

Sponsors for this event:

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