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HR Market Intelligence Survey Help

provides real-time, accurate and comprehensive market data directly from your industry peers to help you find the right suppliers. The metrics-based program helps HR executives make better decisions by offering key data and information on trends, innovations and suppliers in the HR space. The interactive, customizable and easy-to-use HR Market Intelligence centers allows HR professionals to search for information on benchmarking, best practices, market share, customer satisfaction, breadth of services and other factors that are critical when it comes to making strategic and tactical HR decisions.'s HR Market Intelligence allows you to build customizable reports based on survey data collected from the largest online audience of HR professionals. Reports are created by mapping your needs against the best practices, trends and benchmarks reported by other HR executives. Offering extensive data on multiple supplier categories (job boards, consultants, services and various HR Technology platforms) within the HR industry, each survey is planned and analyzed by industry leaders with the specific intention of delivering you the information and research you need to make critical business and purchasing decisions.

What can HR Market Intelligence do for me?

HR Market Intelligence will help you get the most from your HR service providers and ensure that you select the right supplier for your business the first time. When you use HR Market Intelligence to conduct your market research you'll see supplier data specifically through a lens based on your needs. In addition, the HR Market Intelligence centre will help you find and reach other HR executives that have been there, done that and can assist you in your decision-making process.

Want to know what the best job board is to recruit specialized machinists in the Chicago tri-state area? HR Market Intelligence allows you to find top job board data by market share and then drill down to find the most relevant data. For example, job board X may appear to have the dominant market share in the market but by drilling down in the report by area and job title, you'll be able to see that a vertical niche job board actually offers more value and return on investment. Even better, you can utilize HR Market Intelligence to uncover this key data and then reach out to those job boards and open up a dialogue about what's really working in your industry and market.

Using the report technology and taking into account your specific needs, HR Market Intelligence will provide you with a list of vendors in the space for you to evaluate. Then, you can turn to's wiki to find samples of contracts and RFPs that will help you procure the services and technologies you need. It's a full-service solution that will save you time and money while giving you the tools and data you need to get the inside scoop on your market.

For more details about HR Market Intelligence, please call us at: 877.472.6648
or email us at: or

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Active Surveys


Date: April 16 2013

Date: May 8 2013
Dear HR Professionals, We will be using the results of the survey to help us determine the value of our current programs, which will help us focus our efforts on aspects of our website that matter to you the most. Here are a few of the objectives that we are hoping to meet with your survey results: * Evaluate the population of users that are involved with, or seek certification in Human Resources * Understand who typically covers the cost for individuals to recently * Uncover where users typically attain their re-certification credits * Understand if HR certification is common for multiple employees in a single workplace * Quantify the degree of interest in our IHR Certificate programs We have created a very short 2 minute survey that will help us to better understand our customers. To show our enthusiasm, all users that take part in our quick survey will be entered into a draw to win a brand new Apple iPad!! A big thank you to all of those who take part – much appreciated!
Date: April 2 2013
In most organizations, the largest leadership population is at the frontline. They are tasked with the tactical, day-to-day execution of your organization’s strategy and have a direct impact on a number of bottom-line metrics. So how are they doing? How confident are you in their skills? As younger generations of leaders are promoted, and technology becomes more prevalent and available, how are you changing your development approach to stay current and meet the growing diversity of learning methods? Please take our brief survey and share your thoughts, insights and plans as we work to put together a snapshot of the current and future state of frontline leadership.
Date: February 10 2012
Welcome to the IHR Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Study, Single vs. Multi-Process RPO: Understanding RPO Services This survey is part of our ongoing research on key trends and best practices in the area of talent acquisition and will explore the use of single process versus multi-process recruitment outsourcing engagements. This survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. As a thank you for your valuable time, you will receive an invitation to a webinar conducted by the research analyst to review the study findings and a copy of the presentation.
Date: January 20 2012
We are conducting a study of the non-financial ways companies motivate employees. This will only take a couple of minutes of your time
Date: January 20 2012
The Institute for Human Resources would like your assistance in Contingent Workforce Management research that will directly assist you and your peers improve your contingent workforce planning and management. Your individual answers are held with the strictest confidence and will not be released without your express permission. The answers to this survey will be compiled, aggregated and analyzed to develop a contingent workforce management research white paper. Our plan is to present the results through a webcast at the upcoming virtual event on January 31st. Your participation entitles you to a complimentary copy of the white paper. We highly encourage you to forward this survey to your peers to expand the research responses and accuracy. This survey will take you approximately five to 10 minutes to complete. As you answer the following questions we ask that you please take careful thought in your answers.
Date: December 2 2011
Corporate Wellness Survey The Institute for Human Resources would like your feedback in regard to corporate wellness. Your individual answers are held with strictest confidence and will not be released without your express permission. The answers to this survey will be compiled, aggregated and analyzed to develop a corporate wellness research white paper. Your participation entitles you to a complimentary copy. We highly encourage you to forward this survey to your peers. This survey will take you approximately 5 minutes to complete. As you answer the following questions we ask that you please take careful thought in your answers. Thank you for your involvement!
Date: November 10 2011
IHR Integrated Talent Management Survey The concept of integrated talent management (ITM) is experiencing increased adoption in many organizations today. The goal of ITM is to link many HR functions together to better attract, hire, manage, develop, and retain workers throughout their tenure with the organization. The goal of this survey is to gather information your organization’s ITM approach, objectives, maturity, use of technologies, and important barriers to implementation. The survey consists of 10 questions and should take no more than 20 minutes to complete. Thank you in advance for taking the time to contribute to this important piece of research on ITM!
Date: November 14 2011
Does your firm use a Payroll, Tax, or Time and Attendance system or service? Have you ever wondered what other companies use for their payroll systems? And what they think of their application and vendor? Or perhaps you’ve wondered how the application your company uses stacks up against others in the marketplace? To help answer these and other questions, is embarking on a program to gather and distribute market intelligence on HR products and services to our members. This survey looks at Payroll Systems and Services. This survey should take you approximately 1-2 minutes to complete.
Date: May 12 2010
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