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Click here to access SonarVision On Demand

OrcaEyes has taken key metrics and analytics from its award-winning SonarVision Enterprise Solution and developed a business changing solution delivering powerful, actionable results quickly and effectively. SonarVision On Demand is a Human Capital Analytics and Workforce Planning tool that turns common employee information—already housed in your existing solutions—into invaluable insights that drive business changing initiatives. This data will allow you to demonstrate in real dollars and cents the value of your Human Resources or Talent Management programs to leaders of other business units across the organization.

You can completely revolutionize the way your workforce is managed and optimize workforce performance—measurable and quantifiably.

SonarVision On Demand:
  • Diagnoses your workforce health today and predicts it up to 10 years out based on historical trends
  • Performs complex financial analysis and presents it in a simple, easy-to-read format
  • Illustrates how enhancing different HR functions (recruiting, performance, engagement) can have a profound impact on business earnings
  • Highlights areas where company revenue could be at risk (turnover, time-to-fill) and by how much

Companies who have used SonarVision to diagnose workforce health have experienced increases in company earnings of 7% to 42%. And when HR has used it to justify new programs and capital spend, they have a 100% success rate in obtaining budget increases.*

Gaining this invaluable insight from SonarVision On Demand really is as easy as 1…2….3!

  1. Select the data you can access and the reports you’d like to receive
  2. Perform an export from your existing HRIS and Talent Management Systems using a simple template query.
  3. Upload the data into SonarVision and wait.

Within 24 hours you will receive your On Demand report.

Business changing information! Print the reports, share them with your colleagues outside of HR and take action on critical workforce initiatives.

See our Press Release for additional information.


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