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PayScale Salary Report

PayScale is a market leader in global online compensation data. With the world’s largest database of individual employee compensation profiles, PayScale provides an immediate and precise snapshot of the job market. Their patent-pending real-time profiling system indexes custom employee attributes (such as industry-specific certifications) and specific job titles for every industry.
What can PayScale do for me?

PayScale provides you with accurate, reliable, compensation data never before available. PayScale’s MarketRate and PayScale Insight give you instant access to real-time compensation data for setting pay and making informed compensation decisions.

PayScale offers you all the compensation data that you are accustomed to seeing, plus unique data unavailable anywhere else. PayScale’s customized report shows you how factors such as skill level, years in field, education and certifications directly affect employee’s pay in an easy-to-read format. PayScale’s salary data makes it easy to compare your company to others just like yours so you can get a precise snapshot of current market pay.

As a premium member of, you can save 15% on your subscription to PayScale compensation and data analysis tools.

With unlimited online access to Payscale’s compensation tools, you can take advantage of real-time data to find out what’s going on in your specific market.

  • Instant online access to real-time employee data.
  • Coverage of every major US and Canadian market, as well as smaller regional ones.
  • Results matched to your organization’s specific location, size and type.
  • Salary matched to workplace skills, years of experience, special certifications and education.

As an premium member, you have an opportunity to test PayScale out with a Free Compensation Report for the job title of your choice.  You simply provide a job description, and we’ll provide you with a Free Compensation Report designed specifically for your industry, and location.

Why does PayScale work?

PayScale works because it owns the largest database of online employee salary data in the world. PayScale has a unique and diversified team of compensation, business and statistics experts and delivers an innovative yet technical approach to online acquisition and the analysis of job profiles and compensation data.

The 15% subscription discount is included with both SILVER and GOLD Memberships.

If you would like to compare premium memberships, click here for Premium Memberships Comparison Chart.

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