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Business Book Summaries

LifeStrive is the healthcare industry leader in Personal Risk Factor Monitoring, Personal Health Trend Tracking and online Health Coaching. Lifestrive allows all healthcare consumers to take more responsibility for their own health and become less dependent on the medical care system. It does so by providing people with access to lab tests and web-based assessment tools that enable them to understand their unique health risks, track their health trend over time and learn from success of thousands of others facing similar challenges and trends.

In other words, LifeStrive empowers the workforce to get and stay healthy, productive and motivated, thus driving the health costs down for everyone involved.

What can LifeStrive do for me?

LifeStrive will let you and and up to 100 of your employees take charge of your health. It will give you direct access to lab tests and web-based assessment tools. Just the Comprehensive Wellness Profile lab test component is probably the most thorough blood work people have ever had, and it comes complete with a personal report explaining the findings.

The assessment portion of LifeStrive takes a wide range of factors into consideration. It includes detailed study of an individual's

  • Genetics (Family and Genetics Background)
  • Shape and Weight
  • Lifestyle habits
  • Individual eating modifiable habits
  • Wellness and safety habits
  • Current interest in making changes

The detailed assessments will provide you and your employees with extremely relevant personalized reports, that include clear explanations (frequently accompanied by a video) and recommendations.

All the results are confidential and only reported to the user. The secure personal portal supports complete confidentiality and meets or exceeds medical privacy standards.

Life strive also includes web-based courses covering topics such ass wellness, nutrition, health, as well as more tailored information for people in specific risk groups.

Why does LifeStrive work?

LifeStrive works because it excels at showing people the "what", "why" and "how" of the path to better health. With passion, experience and skill, the LifeStrive team guides people through the progressive shifts in key lifestyle behaviors that have been proven to be uniquely effective.

The direct access to the assessment and education tools ensures that everyone is informed about their personal risk factors and their options for proactive, preventive actions. And with the right mix of incentives, everyone can get on board and start taking charge of their health and thus avoid preventable chronic illnesses and needless suffering, while cutting healthcare costs along the way.

The Gold Membreship allows up to 100 users to sign up for a LifeStrive account.

If you would like to compare premium memberships, click here for Premium Memberships Comparison Chart.

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