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ClearSite Forms and Policies


ClearSite Complete is a comprehensive toolkit of over 225 pre-written MS Word templates designed to produce individual policies and procedures, employee guidelines and best practices, business forms, and manager guidelines. These documents are specifically targeted for the Canadian provinces Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario, as well as Canadian policies in general.

Sample templates include documents focused on:

- Hiring and orientation - Absences, leaves, closures
- Business conduct - Facilities
- Hours of work - External services
- Performance management - Expenses & fiscal responsibility
- Training and education - Correspondence templates
- Compensation and benefits - Office procedures
- Payroll & time-off reporting  
What can ClearSite do for me?


ClearSite’s 225 pre-written templates enable you to quickly, easily and accurately communicate operational guidelines and company information to both large and small groups of people.

ClearSite Complete is used to create policies and procedures, employee manuals, employee handbooks and policy manuals specific to the individual provinces and compatible with local legislation.

With ClearSite Complete you can instantly create any of the following:
  •      Canadian/Ontario/BC/Alberta  policies and procedures
  •      Canadian/Ontario/BC/Alberta  employee handbook
  •      Canadian/Ontario/BC/Alberta  employee manual
  •      Canadian/Ontario/BC/Alberta  staff manual
  •      Canadian/Ontario/BC/Alberta  HR policy manual
  •      Canadian/Ontario/BC/Alberta  company policy manual
  •      Canadian/Ontario/BC/Alberta  office manual
  •      Canadian/Ontario/BC/Alberta  HR policy
  •      Canadian/Ontario/BC/Alberta  policy manual
  •      Canadian/Ontario/BC/Alberta  Intranet Content
The legislated differences specific to your particular province is a big part of accurately producing policies and procedures. ClearSite Complete relieves you of the task of conducting extensive legislated policy research. For example, “Statutory Holidays” or “Privacy” policies differ from province to province. These pre-written provincial templates eliminate the time and expense of creating detailed templates that meet the needs of your organization.

Why does ClearSite work?

ClearSite Complete was written with a passion for creating organizational clarity and employee and manager accountability. It is much more than policies for protecting an organization against lawsuits. While the regulatory and legally sensitive policies are in there and have been reviewed by our legal partners, the documents are written in plain English and speak to common sense.

ClearSite Complete represents over 2 years of development with employment lawyers, professional trainers, writers, and HR and business consultants - ensuring that it is well thought-out and organized. Most of the research, structure, and upfront work have been done for you by professionals so all you have to do is add your company-specific information and branding.

ClearSite works because it saves HR executives critical time by providing them with the most accurate and extensive library of HR-related Word templates in the industry. These templates are proven, accurate and enable HR executives to focus their time and energies on the critical human capital issues that drive their organization.


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