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AthenaOnline is a premier publisher of multimedia training, education, and career development. The AthenaOnline platform delivers a customized knowledge portal to individuals and organizations that need to get just-in-time business know-how to their employees quickly. The short and focused five minutes or less Short-Byte lessons are an easy and straightforward way to deal with critical and emerging issues in the workplace.
What can AthenaOnline do for me?

AthenaOnline’s SmartBytes and AthenaOnline’s Business knowledge network connect you with just-in-time business knowledge and advice from over a hundred renowned business experts.

You will have 24-hour-a-day access to hundreds of videos and articles by leading-edge thinkers such as Drs. Homa Bahrami, Judith Bardwick, Marshall Goldsmith, Mitchel Marks, Larraine Segil, Al Vicere and many more. 

AthenaOnline works together with authors, professors, and other subject matter experts to help break their knowledge into short briefings.  Each module delivers a single aspect of a problem or issue that an employee may be facing, and provides actionable steps to help implement the knowledge gained.  These concise briefings are called SmartBytes

Each SmartByte takes only five minutes or less, allowing you to quickly get the relevant information and move on to the task at hand.  A robust internal search engine helps you quickly find information that will help make a decision, finish a report, or deal with a problem employee.

SmartBytes are categorized in AthenaOnline’s knowledge base by the question it answers, keywords and concepts, type of delivery, faculty, and the level of expertise that the SmartByte is designed for. SmartBytes cover topics that range from answering a telephone to organizational design. 

Here are just a few of the topics covered:

  • Leadership
  • Coaching
  • Strategy
  • People & Performance
  • Change Management
  • Conflict and Communication
  • Personal Development
  • Diversity
  • Negotiation
  • Employee Engagement
  • Sales
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Innovation
  • Globalization
  • Personal Finance
  • Time Management
  • and many more
You can save SmartBytes for later viewings and you can share them with others.  You can also print transcripts for easy reference.  Additionally, since all the content on AthenaOnline is carefully indexed by multiple parameters, you'll be able to quickly browse through other videos and articles related to the topic or faculty you are interested in.

Why does AthenaOnline work?

AthenaOnline works because it addresses the knowledge gaps faced by organizations of all sizes. It is easy to use and offers a vast amount of just-in-time knowledge in an easy to access format. There are no installations or downloads required -- all you need is an internet browser.  Because SmartBytes are five minutes or less, you are able to get back to work and quickly and practically apply what you have learned.

Today AthenaOnline is recognized as a leader in the delivery of business knowledge through technology.  It has won multiple major industry awards and has been written about it Fortune, Wired, and Chief Learning Officer magazines.  

The proven track record of delivering tangible results to businesses of all sizes and industries is the reason we are including this top of the class product in both of our premium memberships.

If you would like to compare premium memberships, click here for Premium Memberships Comparison Chart.

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