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YOU ANSWERED REWARDS PROGRAM Madison Performance Group and Siemens USA

Date: May 4 2011

The Problem:

·  Lack of financial control

·  Risk – inconsistent processing and taxation

·  Inefficiency

The You Answered rewards program celebrates autonomy and ignites a culture. The program is the product of what was initially a directive to streamline the overhead inherent in managing multiple reward programs with multiple providers, but has since grown to be a critical extension of the Siemens brand. It reiterates that employees provide the answers and recognizes employee contributions, which drives success and is consistent with the company’s values.
The Solution:

·  Was also about finding the right provider. In today’s corporate culture brands need a deep business understanding, and to “own” their internal/external messaging, in order to create brand unity.

The Platform:The program was built on navigating through the 3Cs:
  • Compliance; the ability to automatically manage the program’s policies and rules.
  • Control; by providing deep visibility into program activity at both the summary and granular level.
  • Consistency across Siemens USA, while presenting a personalized user experience at the business unit level for all stakeholders.
According to Mike Ryan, SVP of Marketing and Client Strategy at Madison Performance Group, “Compliance is key for progressive companies -- they are the ones that see recognition activity as an asset. While they scrutinize it like any other investment, they build a business case to project the impact and rank its projected return. Not being able to identify all the expenses within the enterprise upfront actually helped them make the case for a platform that added the need to properly manage a program. After all, you can’t measure what you don’t track and you can track what you are not aware of.”  

By developing a solution that emulated Siemens’ organizational structure and their hierarchy (the employee reporting and relationship structure), Madison Performance Group was able to automate “rules logic” that made the mechanics of recognizing people easier. Through the process, a fourth C developed - Convenience. Convenience for employees and HR administrators to utilize a system that was seamless, simple and intuitive.

The You Answered rewards program reinforces Siemens’ core values – responsibility, innovation, and excellence, and it aligned with their performance criteria - financials, customers, people and processes. By reinforcing those key elements of their culture they motivated and appreciated employees who contributed the most to their shared success.

Today, Siemens has made the program part of their corporate language…it is part of the “fabric of their company” now. Susan Brown Director of Compensation at Siemens Corp adds, “At Siemens, employees value being part of ‘the answer.’ Our people are thinking about our business and the role they can play in making it better. Whether that takes the form of delivering a higher level of value to a customer or a coworker, that sense of being the answer is becoming ingrained in our culture. And our recognition program is an extension of that culture, strengthening the connection employees feel towards the business.”


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