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Transform your Leadership Style in Minutes

Date: December 13 2012

In today’s business environment, it’s easy to become task focused, leaving work teams over-managed, under-led and operating below their true potential. In the book Nine Minutes on Monday, author James Robbins combines proven engagement drivers and principles of human motivation into a simple system of execution. No matter how busy readers are, this book will ensure that staff is motivated, inspired and equipped to bring their best to work each day.
This book will teach readers:
·         How to use the simple 9-minute template to keep leadership priorities at the forefront no matter how busy they are, so their people are never without a leader
·         How to implement the top engagement drivers and identify which ones are needed the most in order to create a motivated and high performance team
·         How to increase motivation with three simple questions that will connect purpose to pay by creating a clear line of sight between what employees do and how it affects the organization

·         How to apply the top drivers of engagement with employees who are telecommuting
·         How four emotional bonds made during a new employees first 30 days will get them up to speed quickly and literally cement them into the organization

“It really works,” explains Sue Travis, HR Manager at Lowe’s. “Robbins provides simple and practical tools to help all managers get on the road toward becoming great leaders. These nine easy-to-use principles are relevant to today’s work environment and yet so often overlooked.”
Nine Minutes on Monday is a simple system to help raise productivity, boost morale and increase employee engagement. The number one reason why managers fail to increase productivity and get the best out of their people is they neglect to keep their leadership priorities in front of them. By helping focus on the few things that drive motivation and engagement, Nine Minutes on Monday brings simplicity to leadership.
About the Author:
James Robbins is a rare mix of management consultant, adventurer and motivational speaker. He has been teaching leadership and peak performance for the last 12 years. After leading non-profit organizations across North America, James founded The Robbins Group in 2003 to help organizations increase their productivity and lower their employee turnover. James is also the creator of Help Me Lead TV, a weekly web-show for managers, and has given over 1,000 presentations in the last 10 years.
To see a clip of James Robbins speaking about his new book, click here:

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