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Top B2B Franchise Shares Best Techniques for Turning Cold Calling into Warm Calling

Date: October 20 2011

Encino, CA (PRWEB) October 20, 2011
In a time when communication is largely technology based, a telephone call still remains a proven sales method for getting in touch with prospects. Cold calling, which used to be a prime sales tool, is now outdated and ineffective. Time is too precious in this day and age, and a cold call will quickly lose the interest of the prospect on the other end of the line. We live in a fast-paced society where communicating in 140 characters or less is the standard. No one wants to be interrupted by a sales pitch from a pushy or desperate salesperson. A better method is warm calling. Warm calling is proven to be one of the best ways to make introductions. No other method of communication is as direct and personal. For many business professionals, voice communication is the sales technique of choice.
However, to be effective, warm calling must adhere to certain rules of thumb. Marshall Face2Face, a leading B2B franchise system, has a great track record as a corporate matchmaker. Their mission is to get their clients quality face time with their most coveted prospects. It all starts with a warm call to initiate the relationship and set the appointment for their clients to meet with real decision makers. President Bob Marshall shares his tips for making successful calls:

1)    Don’t just call randomly and expect to make contact with the right person. Be sure to research before making the initial call in order to target the person at the right level. Gatekeepers abound in the business world, and a large part of success in turning a cold call into a warm call depends on learning how to navigate through contacts successfully.
2)    Still can’t get in touch directly with the desired prospect? Do online research. Websites and social media can help in finding direct phone numbers, addresses, etc.
3)    Make sure to understand the client’s needs and wants. By understanding his/her challenges, it will be easier to address specific needs within the company and suggest how you can meet those needs.
4)    Be “pleasantly persistent”. No one wants an annoying salesperson calling every day. Try to read the client and see how much contact is “too much”.
5)    Don’t shy away from alternate methods of communication. While you will not want to call every day, an email, social media message, tweet, or direct mailing can be an effective follow-up between actual voice communications.
Warm calling is an excellent, direct way of selling a brand. While other means of communication are popping up, do not ever ignore voice calls as a sales technique. Warm calling gives the opportunity to develop a long-lasting positive image.

Marshall Face2Face is an affordable outsource partner — for lead generation and appointment securement — with the power to revolutionize an enterprise’s business development strategy. Visit us online to learn more about our field-proven system, and about how we can tailor a program to meet your needs.

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