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The Work Institute Continues International Expansion

Date: November 2 2012

November 2, 2012, Brentwood, TN, USAThe Work Institute (TWI), a leader in workforce intelligence research solutions, based in Brentwood, Tennessee, partnered with Strategic International Solutions for Business (SIS4Biz) to open a research call center in São Paulo, Brazil to meet the demand for local research solutions from US-based companies with employees in the region.  The two organizations will highlight their strategic partnership capabilities as they co-host three separate international forums aimed at addressing the substantial employee turnover rates in Brazil. The forums titled Turnover Reduction and the American Strategy will be held on November 6-8, 2012 in Brazil. 
These three events are designed to address the current significant lack of qualified human capital in the Brazilian market which is impeding the country’s growth according to Brazil’s National Confederation of Industry.  The Confederation’s survey of more than 1700 industrial firms found that more than half of those firms could not find enough trained workers which has resulted in inefficiency, lower quality goods, and difficulty in assimilating new technologies.
Brazil’s National Confederation of Industry further indicates that Brazil has one of the highest labor turnovers in the world with an average of approximately 40% turnover annually, forcing Brazilian companies to question their continued investment in effective training and retention programs.  These statistics are more staggering for Brazil given that Brazil is the only country in the world that requires job seekers to pay a fee to apply for a job.  In pursuit of better salaries, the primary measure of career success in Brazil, employees are choosing to leave their current positions for the prospect of incurring application fees to find new employment.  US research indicates that money is usually only part of the issue though.  The Turnover Reduction and the American Strategy forums will discuss these lessons learned and explain factors pushing employees to the point of leaving.

Danny Nelms, Sr. Vice President & Managing Director of The Work Institute, will moderate and speak at the sessions.  Mr. Nelms is an agent of change, a thought leader, and an expert in helping companies forge new directions that improve business results. He is also the co-author of The Why Factor: Winning With Workforce Intelligence, adjunct professor at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee, and is a highly sought after public speaker. Nelms’ background and over 20 years of experience have given him the ability to influence corporate culture and human capital initiatives in areas including organizational improvement and effectiveness, leadership development, performance expectation, talent acquisition, executive coaching, succession planning, and mergers and acquisitions.
The forums will be held throughout Paraná, Brazil with the following dates and locations:

November 6 in Londrina at 16h00 (4 pm)
APRAS (Paraná Association of Supermarkets) Auditorium
Rua Rio Grande do Norte, 750 – Centro

November 7 in Maringá at 19h00 (7 pm)
ACIM (Association of Industrial and Commercial Maringá) Auditorium
Rua Ver Basil Sautchuk, 388 – Zona 01

November 8 in Curitiba at 16h00 (4 pm)
APRAS (Paraná Association of Supermarkets) Auditorium
Av. Senator Souza Naves, 535 – Alto XV
The events are sponsored by AAS (Aliança Américas Sul), Apras (Associação Paranaense de Supermercados), Terra Roxa (Agência de Desenvolvimento do Norte do Pr), ACIM (Associação Comercial e Industrial de Maringá), Curitiba in English, Academia Apras, and Centro Universitário Claretino. 

Danny Nelms described The Work Institute’s desire to address the human capital challenges in Brazil, “We created the turnover forum content to cite research from various case studies of US organizations which identify techniques that have proven successful when applied jointly by employees, managers, and human resources professionals.   Our discussions will highlight factors affecting the work environment as well as recommendations for effective turnover reduction techniques.”  Nelms went on to say, “Since 2000, The Work Institute has conducted interviews in 28 different countries from our US based research center.  With the addition of our research call center and Portuguese speaking interviewers in São Paulo, Brazil in 2011, we are capable of providing valuable insight to those Brazilian organizations struggling with turnover issues as well as our current clients with a significant presence in South America.”
Since the creation of the strategic alliance with SIS4Biz in 2011, The Work Institute has been better positioned to provide its proprietary, customized solutions to organizations with employees in South America so they can gather actionable data to help manage talent, improve performance and mitigate risk while working within the cultural nuances and regional languages of the Brazilian and South American markets.  The Work Institute added this capability to its global research center in Florida where it currently conducts research in English, Spanish, German, Chinese (Mandarin), French, as well as other languages.

Joshua Rodriggs, a dual citizen of the United States and Brazil, is the founder and CEO of SIS4Biz and states, “Assisting The Work Institute as it expands globally to meet the unique workforce challenges in Brazil is exactly why I founded the company.  We are looking forward to building on our relationship with TWI as they continue to grow their presence in South America and improve the options available to organizations operating in Brazil.”
About The Work Institute (TWI)
The Work Institute is a leader in workforce intelligence combining workforce research, human capital analytics and financial metrics to provide decision support intelligence to help companies attract, hire and retain talent, improve performance, diminish risk and manage human capital cost. The Work Institute specializes in measuring, understanding and predicting workforce behaviors. For more information about The Work Institute, please visit

For more information about the Turnover Reduction International Forums, please visit Curitaba in English.

For more information about Strategic International Solutions for Business (SIS4Biz), please visit

Danny Nelms and Joshua Rodriggs are available for interviews in the US and in Brazil.