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Social Workers and Human Resource Managers in High Demand as Weak Economy Hits Home for Many

Date: June 11 2008

McLean, Va. (June 11, 2008) - It's a sign of difficult times for many.
Social workers and counselors are now among some of the nation's most
in-demand professionals, according to new findings in the Jobfox Top 25 Most
Wanted U.S. Job Candidates: June 2008 rankings, released today.

Social workers and counselors ranked as the seventh most wanted
professionals, according to the June report from Jobfox (, a
free online service that uses precision matching to help qualified
candidates link up with compatible job opportunities. The Counseling/Social
Work profession cracked the Top 25 for the first time since Jobfox began
tracking job trends in March 2008.

"For about a year now, there's been a steady increase in the demand for
social workers and counselors," said Debbie Sikes, the clinical director for
the National Counseling Group Inc., a private group of therapists and
counselors providing community-based and outpatient services to individuals
and families throughout Virginia. Her organization uses Jobfox services to
help find qualified mental health professionals.

"With increases in gas and food prices, we are seeing more stress and more
demand for outreach services - especially among low-income families," Sikes
said. "Money and job pressures are often the triggers to higher levels of
anxiety and emotional problems."

The June report is available at:

Demand for Human Resource Executives also on the Rise

The Jobfox rankings also indicate increased hiring activity for human
resource executives - perhaps more signs of what's well, what's not so well
and what remains a challenge for U.S. businesses in the current economic

Human resource executives are now the 25th most wanted, according to the
Jobfox rankings report for June. Recruiting/Staffing professionals also
ranked 24th - the second-consecutive month that recruiters have held this

"There are still many bright spots, even in the face of an uncertain
economy," said Rob McGovern, CEO of Jobfox ( "Most companies
continue to place a premium on the recruitment and retention of qualified
professionals. There will be layoffs, but most companies are depending on
human resource managers to keep talent losses to a minimum. And many
companies continue to aggressively seek new sources of talent from their

Many professions remain in high demand, according to the Jobfox Top 25 Most
Wanted U.S. Job Candidates: June 2008 rankings. The most wanted professions
include Software Design/Development, Sales Representative/Business
Development, Accounting/Finance Executive, Accounting and Nursing.

Rounding out the Top 10 are Networking/System Administration,
Counseling/Social Work, Business Analysis - Research, Business Analysis -
Software Implementation and Mechanical Engineering.

Mental health care organizations throughout the nation say they are not
surprised by the appearance of social workers and counselors in the Top 10.

"We're certainly seeing more demand for mental health services," said
Richard Jennings, the director of human resources for Momentum for Mental
Health, Santa Clara County's largest private, nonprofit agency providing
mental health services to adults and transition-aged youths. "Agencies like
ours that primarily serve the indigent and disadvantaged find that our
clients are having a tougher time than ever coping with rising costs for
essentials such as food and shelter."

"Social workers and their services are needed now more than ever," added
Deborah Brackens, director of case management at Inova Alexandria Hospital
in Virginia. "The acuity of patients, coupled with the demands of society,
contribute to a very compressed time frame to assess and meet patients'
needs. Medical social workers have the skills and capabilities to alleviate
the stress that patients and their families often experience."

About the rankings

The Jobfox Top 25 Most Wanted U.S. Job Candidates: June 2008 rankings were
derived from a stratified random sample of more than 4,000 U.S. job openings
from the Jobfox database during a 120-day period ending March 24, 2008. In
total, Jobfox identified more than 150 distinct professions for which
employers were seeking candidates during the period. Also captured in the
rankings are the professions most desired by candidates, based on a
stratified random sample of more than 100,000 Jobfox candidate profiles.

About Jobfox

Jobfox gives job candidates and organizations complete control to connect
with each other - in real time - by providing intelligent skills matching
and popular communication tools such as instant messaging and mobile text
message alerts. Jobfox provides free Web pages for professionals to showcase
their unique skills, talents, work-styles, career desires and job-change
receptivity. Visit today.

About Rob McGovern

Jobfox is the inspiration of CEO Rob McGovern, one of the nation's leading
career experts. McGovern is the founder and former CEO of CareerBuilder and
the author of "Bring Your 'A'Game: The 10 Career Secrets of the High

Jobfox is a trademark of the company. All other company names are trademarks
or registered trademarks of the respective companies.


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