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Poll: Overall, Recruiters Satisfied with Their Branding Efforts

Date: November 10 2012

Canton, Ohio (PRWEB) November 10, 2012
Recruiters spend most of their time doing what they love and what they do best—recruiting. However, there are other facets of running a successful recruiting firm, and one of those facets involves the branding of that firm.

Without effective branding, a recruiting firm’s production can suffer. If a recruiter brands their firm in a positive fashion, that can lead to more business in the form of new job orders and top-notch candidates who are interested in that firm’s opportunities.

According to a recent poll conducted by Top Echelon Network, an elite network of highly specialized search firms, Network recruiters overall are satisfied with their branding efforts.

As part of that poll, Top Echelon Network asked the following question: “How satisfied are you with how you’ve branded your recruiting firm?”
The results showed that over half of poll respondents (53.4%) are “somewhat satisfied” with their branding efforts, while 30.1% are “very satisfied.” This means 83.5% of all recruiters who participated in the poll are satisfied with their branding efforts to some degree.

There were, of course, a group of recruiters who indicated that they’re “largely unsatisfied”—12.3%, in fact. Rounding out the poll results were 4.1% of respondents, who chose “I’m downright disappointed” as their answer.

According to Top Echelon Communications Coordinator Matt Deutsch, branding isn’t something that recruiters love doing, but it’s a necessary endeavor for any recruiting firm that wants to excel within its chosen industry and niche.

“Fortunately, branding is not as difficult as it might seem,” said Deutsch. “For a recruiter, it involves making sure that people have a positive experience during every interaction with that recruiter. These interactions could be over the telephone, via email, or through social media. They could also involve more traditional means such as advertising in print publications and on the Internet.

“If people have a positive experience every time they interact with you, then you’re branding yourself in a positive fashion, and it certainly appears that’s the case for the vast majority of recruiters in Top Echelon Network.”

Top Echelon Network was founded in 1988 in Canton, Ohio.

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