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Not online? Then youre missing out in the Jobs Market

Date: October 11 2012

Australia - 11th October 2012 – a new pan-Asia Pacific research1 report – ‘Social Media and Resourcing: the impact of Social Media on Recruitment and HR in Asia Pacific’- published today by leading global resourcing and talent management provider Alexander Mann Solutions (AMS) and The Chapman Consulting Group, has revealed how important social media is within the Australian jobs market.

Without exception, every (100 per cent) Australian HR and resourcing professional who responded to the survey stated they use Social Media to help them source candidates, while 80 per cent said they also use the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as part of their Employer Branding activity.

However, despite the insights that can potentially be gleaned from viewing a candidate’s online profiles and comments, none of the Australian respondents said they used Social Media to vet or reject job applicants. This contrasts with what happens elsewhere in the region: in Singapore, 17 per cent said they had rejected a candidate based on what they’ve seen on a social media site, and in Hong Kong 29% of recruiters reported they actively vet candidates online.

Martin Cerullo, Director of Business Development for Asia Pacific at Alexander Mann Solutions, comments: “Social media used to be the exclusive playground of Gen Y and Web 2.0 denizens, but its ability to connect people and companies in real-time has helped it become one of the most mainstream of media.

“AMS have long been fierce advocates of social media's potential in hiring and building world class employer brands. This report provides a vital insight into how, where and to what extent HR, talent and recruitment professionals in the Asia Pacific region are currently using social media, and also how they expect this to change moving forward.”

85 per cent of all respondents from Asia Pacific said that they actively use Social Media, with LinkedIn (90 per cent) the most popular, followed by Facebook (63 per cent) and Twitter (31 per cent). Meanwhile, 90 per cent said they expected business usage of social media to rise next year, although they also said that limited time and resources would continue to hinder greater and more effective use of social media in resourcing.

Overall, the top three ways in which social media was seen as being useful by HR and resourcing professionals in Asia Pacific were:

• Candidate sourcing – 73%
• Managing employer brand – 73%
• Lowering overall recruitment costs – 71%

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, professional usage of social media increases the more senior the individual. While 78 per cent of all Recruitment Officers said they used social media as part of their roles, this figure rose to 83 per cent for Managers and 91 per cent at Director-level.

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