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New technique set to help HR departments increase morale and save companies thousands on sick pay

Date: October 18 2011

A new technique founded in the US is set to help HR departments keep a positive workforce whilst saving companies thousands on sick pay each year.
A new technique named energetic communications, which originates from the US, allows people to communicate with their body's energy and create positivity and prevent sickness. This is very important within the HR department as once learned they can help boost morale in the workforce and also enable staff to stop becoming ill as they are in a higher state of mind.
Scientists such as Dr Royal Raymond Rife, discovered that the frequency of the human body determines their mental and physical state, and when in a low frequency, caused by stress, emotional upset, and lack of confidence illness occurs. According to findings:
  • A healthy body is 78 to 83Hz
  • Colds, flu and illness begin at 56 to 60Hz
  • Cancer receptors are there at 42Hz
Edel O'Mahony, an energetic communicator is campaigning to help improve matters within businesses after U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that the paid sick leave in March 2009 cost private-sector employers 23 cents per employee hour on average across all occupational groups.
She says:
"Having spent 10years in Corporate Finance I witnessed firsthand the devastating affects that employee sick leave had on organizations.  
It is understanding that the human body works through the communication of energy. Scientists such as Dr Bruce Lipton, and Dr Royal Raymond Rife, have through extensive study proved that your cells take their signal from your beliefs not your environment. This signal is then transmitted through the body via the nervous system (the electrical system) and determines the frequency at which your body resonates.
Being in a lower frequency can be caused by their personal or business life through events, stress or issues not being address and more importantly through an individual not understanding the foundations of all wealth be it financial or emotional comes from defining who they are and living their passion.
How can HR departments, department heads, CEOs and company owners use this to prevent sick leave? It is all about knowledge, when you can educate your workforce to understand and recognize the body frequencies, to be able to focus on staying in high energy (frequency), then they will see a significant decrease in sick leave and a boost in productivity and happiness.
It is essential that managers and executive leaders can recognise the signs of their employees going into lower frequency and this can be seen when an employee is stressed, anxious, angry or upset. Procedures need to be put into place to allow these employees to have 1 to 1 mentoring to help them unravel the cause of the resistance and learn how to maintain consistent high energy.
Sick leave can be dramatically reduced and if effective action is taken can be near enough illuminated. I know, I have not been 'ill' in over 13 years and understanding the body frequency is the key."
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