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New Motivational Lou Holtz Video Announced For Release By Carlton’s Training Solutions

Date: December 24 2012

Jacksonville, FL (PRWEB) December 24, 2012
Carlton’s Training Solutions saw that a Lou Holtz video especially Do Right the Plan and If Enough People Care were perfect for the corporate training world. People follow great leaders. They don’t have to ask. The Lou Holtz record speaks for itself. But why does a Lou Holtz video like Do Right the Plan and If Enough People Care have such resonance for the clients of Carlton’s Training Solutions?

Lou Holtz touches so many people with his passion filled words. When you have the success he has had with people, turning around five different University teams he is simply a man who knows how to lead. What are his business principles? Why do people follow him? How does he inspire greatness in his people and an ability to believe?
Do Right The Plan is a Lou Holtz program that implements his ability to get teammates to love one another and trust one another to gain success. His philosophy is that great leadership is based on belief and love. That's when you believe in a goal and you love the people you are fighting for. That's when you will create astounding results. Hotlz said, “When people need love and understanding and support the most is when they deserve it the least.”

Faith and a commitment to excellence and commitment to each other is the foundation for his corporate training video If Enough People Care. To gain respect with team members they have to see that you care about them and will work hard for the team and one another. Lou Holtz’s ideology is one of discipline and understanding.
Carlton’s Training Solutions has found that the Lou Holtz Do Right the Plan and If Enough People Care videos hit a spot in leadership not found in other programs. The ability to galvanize a team and get them all moving in one positive direction is amazing to see. Lou Holtz Do Right the Plan and If Enough People Care typify what Holtz has done and Carlton’s Training Solutions wishes to do with their clients.

Carlton’s Training Solutions is a consulting firm creating business strategies for government, healthcare and various businesses and Fortune 500 companies. They create corporate training media in the areas of diversity training, workplace violence training, management training, conflict resolution strategies, leadership training, healthcare training, generational issues, sexual harassment training and more. Carlton’s Training Solutions features business experts in their corporate training videos such as Lou Holtz, Bob Farrell, Dewitt Jones, Joel Barker, Tom Peters, Stephen Covey, John Cleese, Ken Blanchard, Morris Massey, Ben Zander and Catherine Crier. To see other subjects in corporate training or find out more about Carlton’s Training Solutions click here at the site