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New Book ‘The Plan’ Reveals Proven Method for Achieving Personal, Professional and Financial Succes

Date: February 22 2011

Book outlines essential techniques to realize true life balance, career success and financial independence The Plan details proven, time-tested methods used by the most successful individuals and organizations world-wide

[]<UrlBlockedError.aspx>THOUSAND OAKS, CA, February 2011 – It’s official - money alone doesn’t buy happiness.  A global Gallup poll found that, while life satisfaction rises with personal income, positive feelings are more strongly associated with other factors like feeling respected, having autonomy and social support, and working at a fulfilling job.  But, just how does one achieve these seemingly disparate goals and be genuinely happy? The answer is revealed in “The Plan” (paperback, ISBN: 9780557951543, $14.95 U.S.) – a precision how-to manual detailing specific steps required to achieve personal balance, career success and financial strength.

Co-authored by international business life coach John M. McKee (<>) and esteemed business consultant Helen Latimer, The Plan (<>) shows readers how to employ the same time-tested techniques used for decades by many of the most successful individuals, celebrities, and business organizations around the globe.

“There is a rampant misconception that being ‘successful’ will also lead one to be ‘satisfied,” said McKee. “While most can articulate what makes them feel successful, like their jobs, how much money they make or have, or the material possessions they own, it’s rare when someone will boast about how joyful they feel about their job or the relationships in their life. Many will lament that, although they ‘make a nice living,’ they did not follow aspirations they had as a child or young adult, or that they dread getting ‘back to the grind’ on Mondays. This book changes all of that, helping readers achieve their heartfelt goals and experience true satisfaction in all facets of their life, irrespective of current circumstances."

In addition to enlightening anecdotes and well-honed insights based on both authors’ personal and professional experiences, The Plan includes systematic worksheets, tools and exercises that help readers uncover and eliminate unproductive behaviors, and discern authentic feelings about their current life – the good, the bad and the ugly. Only with these revelations can readers effect the changes required to realize whole life success and satisfaction.   Step-by-step, The Plan walks readers through “defining their life’s purpose,” and mapping out - in specific terms - the direction they want their life to go personally, professionally and financially - and exactly how they plan to get there. Readers are prompted to set goals and objectives in key areas of their life, along with a method of measuring their progress and making needed adjustments along the way.

“Unlike other self help books, The Plan offers a long-term approach by actively engaging readers with proven methods that give them control of their own destiny and foster holistic career, personal and financial satisfaction,” notes Latimer.

McKee continues, “Over my 30-plus years in the business world I’ve found that every successful individual I encountered – from corporate executives to government officials to diplomats - had a plan of some sort. Their plan wasn’t always written down, but it was always fairly detailed, had deadlines and included clear actionable goals. In short, these individuals had a business plan for their career ‘and’ their life. The old adage remains true: fail to plan, plan to fail.”

Consumers may learn more and purchase The Plan in select book stores throughout the North America and the United Kingdom, or online at<>,<>,<>,<> and<>.