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Date: June 25 2001

In April of 2001, the Supreme Court´s 9th Circuit made a very important ruling with relation to sexual harassment and an employer´s responsibility to prevent harassment in the workplace.   This case, Kohler v. Inter-Tel, was seen as a crucial "win" for employers since the company was successful in using affirmative defense in a court of law.   In other words, the company was able to prove that it provided an adequate and accessible anti-harassment policy and program at the workplace but that it was the employee who ultimately chose not to take advantage of the policy and file a complaint.  

Unfortunately, the outcome of this case does not mean that employers are off the hook so long as they have an anti-harassment policy and complaint procedures in their employment manual.   It must be proven that employers have given their employers sufficient opportunity to learn about the policy and complaint procedures.   In many cases, employers have made use of various compliance and employment law training programs.   One such program is

What Is

Designed for small to mid-sized organizations, "provides management and employee training of a variety of EEOC, OSHA, and other federally mandated topics."   In addition to over 400 training modules, HRFix offers customized employee handbooks, safety manuals, management guides, and company-specific documents, all with search engine capabilities.  

Compatible with PeopleSoft, Lawson, and Oracle, HRFix offers highly customizable programs and will work with the client to identify what training is needed, how much is needed, and when it should be administered.   These training modules, which can generally be completed in 20-30 minutes, give users the flexibility to complete each course at his or her own pace, at the most convenient time and location.  

How Does HRFix Work?

The HRFix program is customized down to the individual employee based on their job duties. Employees are given a "task list" that will include their training requirements, depending on their position in the company (i.e. management, supervisor or employee), and also based on their specific job duties.  The client company initially sets up these parameters online. Once a new employee is added and their job title is entered their training "task list" is automatically created.   From there, the employee uses his or her unique password to log into their customized training program and completes the assigned courses and workshops.

Here is a look at the general features an HRFix training and compliance program has to offer:

·               A Welcome/Start Page - provides users with the most up-to-date information on changes in legislation and court cases, as well as any modifications to the company´s policies and procedures

·               A Task List - identifies the courses/workshops each user is required to complete, lists finished and/or ongoing courses and the final grades

·               My Profile - includes reports for management including test results, course status of employees, etc.

·               Forms - consists of various documents, forms and other related material, such as benefits forms, vacation forms, etc.

·               Benefits - your company´s summary plan descriptions, links to healthcare/dental/insurance providers, and more

·               Manuals - company policies and procedures including any updates, and other relevant documentation including safety manuals, etc.

·               Training - individual training modules that can be targeted towards employees, managers, departments

·               Communication - includes newsletters, articles, video training, graphics, audio clips, etc.


·               Pricing Information

The costs of HRFix training modules depend on the number of users that are accessing the program.   In general, a company with 200 employees would expect to pay about $4 per month per employee for this service.   There is also a $2000 to $3500 setup fee, which includes customization and an onsite management and employee training session.   This monthly price also includes 24/7 access to the website.   The entire training program can be set up for your company to use within 10 business days.   Also included in the fee is access to an Employee/Management Hotline, which is facilitated by a number of qualified SPHR professionals.

Interested companies can also purchase licenses that will enable them to deliver the training program over their own Intranet. However, the company holds responsibility for the content, hosting, and maintenance of the site (HRFix supplies the delivery platform here).  

·               System Requirements

Learners will need an Internet browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) and an Internet connection.   The faster the connection and the more recent the browser, the better the usability!

·               Scalability

Although designed for small to mid-sized companies, has the bandwidth capability to handle over 14,000 users at one time and over 150,000 users per day.

·               Security

Access to the customized user pages is username and password protect as set by the System Administrator.   The username identifies which company the trainee is from while the password allows the database to retrieve the individual´s customized courseware.

·               Training, Documentation & Support

Included in the set up fee, representatives from HRFix will provide consultation and onsite training for new users.   Each training module is also complete with an on-line test and documentation of usage/score.     User inquiries can be directed towards the Employee or Management Hotlines or towards the HRFix staff.


·               What I Liked

The feature I liked best about the HRFix training and compliance program was the high degree of customization it offers, not only to the client company, but to the individual user as well.   Unlike some of the other online training programs that I have looked at, this program gives the user a detailed outline of the courses he or she must complete and a deadline before which the course must be completed.   Perhaps most importantly, it does not give the user a choice as to what material to cover and when it can be looked at.   Having said that, it should be noted that HRFix is a web-based application, thus giving the user a great degree of flexibility as to when they choose to access the program and from what location.  

The HRFix training modules were also very user friendly, and were easy to navigate through.   They were well organized and offered a variety of different, but relevant and important, supplementary information and literature.   HRFix also offers comprehensive reports for management so that they can see test results and which employees have and have not participated in the training program.   What is more, the training program is VERY reasonably priced and can be completed in a short period of time.  

·               Limitations

In my opinion, there were no outstanding drawbacks to the HRFix application that I noticed from the demo. Interested users should note that HRFix is still in development and has not been officially released yet.   Thus, users may find that there are some features and functions absent from the initial application.    

·               HR.Comment

Whether yours is a small company consisting of 15 employees or are General Motors, the same compliance issues and regulations apply to the company and it is your legal requirement to provide training on these issues.   Unfortunately, smaller companies usually do not have the budget to support a large compliance-training program.   This is where services such as HRFix come into play.   As consumers, it is important to be able to find a product that will provide the training requirements as dictated by federal or state regulations, but it is equally important to be able to provide a program that won´t burn a hole into your training budget.   HRFix offers a competitive, affordable solution.

About the Company is a new company, so new that their website has not been official launched yet. However, interested users can contact John Zook, Vice President of Business Development, for more information.   You can reach him via email at or by phone at 1-877-473-4993.


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