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IHR Quality of Hire

It is imperative to hire the best potential candidates to ensure the long term success of an organization. The Quality of Hire track is an ever-changing and evolving sector of HR, and through this certification and accreditation program, we will provide insight into the metrics, tools, and processes needed to build a highly skilled and trained pool of professionals.
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IHR Certification
IHR CertificationThis community is part of the Institute for Human Resources (IHR) program.
IHR provides certification and accreditation to industry professionals along specialized HR verticals. In doing this, we are able to build talent pools of highly skilled and trained professionals with critical niche skills and networks that can share best practices across these key HR verticals.
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Skill-testing Q for all you beauty pros: What nail polish is the makeup artist wearing in this video? Im obsessed!
Just answered a skill testing question where the answer is 42. 42 really must be the answer to everything...
Doing cpr training & skill testing
Mathematical skill-testing questions these days are just getting harder and harder! Thank goodness Im asian. Lol
#onboarding Thursday: electronic onboarding tips for newbies, inc. e-learning, new hire and quality of hire surveys
Get actionable methods and tools for measuring quality-of-hire – including a quality-of-hire talent scorecard
check out my first blog post re: quality of hire :)
RT @NGANET: Measuring quality of hire will quicky show how effective your talent management solution really is
Measuring quality of hire will quicky show how effective your talent management solution really is
Just read the rules for Big Bag of Cash: skill testing math question required. Hmmmmm...
!!!! RT @GibsonGuitarCA Calgary @AaronPritchett fans we just posted on FB the skill testing question for tix 2C him Dec 14 @stockyards_CGY
All you Calgary @AaronPritchett fans we just posted on FB the skill testing question for those tix to see him on Dec 14 @stockyards_CGY
I Dont Believe It.skill testing Hedley question for you guys: what chapter was this song played in?BAHAHAHA
Mercury Retrograde turns LIFE into a skill-testing question you cant solve! How can you arrive at spinning class late and too early?
Blog Post: HireDesk Launches New Quality of Hire Solution
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