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A good management training program will teach the authoritative manager techniques to aid him or her in becoming a facilitating manager. The manager incorporating this style encourages employees to come forward with issues and suggestions, listens carefully, does not leave employees hanging, keeps employees up to date about what is going on in the business, encourages creativity, is consistent in the administration of rules and policies, and does not make employees feel that they will be penalized for mistakes. The advantages of management training are many. Employee morale is bolstered and absenteeism rates will decline. Additionally, an authoritarian manager with poor listening and communication skills who sets unreachable goals and is inflexible is now given the opportunity to become a much better manager. In situations like these, not only do the employees benefit, but the manager also benefits by having a better working relationship with his or her employees. The better working relationship is also conducive to higher productivity and increased work quality.

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