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ECS - Enterprise Compensation Solutions

While the trends of moving to the cloud and other ancillary uses of compensation systems move forward, there is one consistent issue that haunts enterprise solutions. Data continues to rear its ugly head as the main problem of many compensation systems. Many organizations putting in a new system from spreadsheets can attest to the problems in verifying accuracy and cleanliness of data. While this can be a problem during an implementation, it is a blessing in disguise, for it forces a company to correct the problems. Free form flexible systems allow users to enter what they interpret as correct information into forms. When a system is not automated, a human can understand this and interpret it correctly. For those who have integrated systems already, sometimes the pain of getting additional information into the system can be troubling. It is a best practice while implementing such systems to come up with a universally adopted set of definitions and validate information prior to entry. This will assure data cleanliness. Before engaging in an enterprise automation system, be sure to understand your data, and how it is currently getting entered. Ideally any issues can be corrected before the start of an implementation.

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