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Harassment Training Videos Cause Shock Waves at Carlton’s Training Solutions

Date: November 11 2012

Miami, FL (PRWEB) November 11, 2012
There is scrutiny that although harassment training videos from companies like Carlton’s Training Solutions provide positive results, it shines a light on a new workplace we may not want to see yet. Organizations flock to companies like Carlton’s Training Solutions for employee development all year, but what we know as harassment training is changing.

In the past, harassment was when a guy at work threatened his boss or slapped a fanny passing by. But now there is same sex harassment, Cyber Bullying, Disability harassment, E-mail and texting harassment, and even religious harassment. Sara Yates of Xerox intimated, “It’s become hard to keep up with. First there’s a major boom in technology which creates more methods of harassment, all while we’re trying to protect an amazing and growing diverse staff from harassment.” This can make if difficult to navigate the training of such a wide variety of harassment and to a staff of different generations and diversity. Most programs focus on a primary form of harassment but two new programs, Harassment Hurts, and It’s About Respect have been identified to traverse the wide spectrum of harassment training.
In the corporate training video Harassment hurts: It's Personal, Carlton’s Training focuses on the price, the actual financial burden an organization faces by not properly addressing harassment in the workplace. This occurs in two fashions. When harassing behavior isn’t addressed employees can file complaints that cost a company dearly. As of last year, over 100 million was paid in damages to employee grievances in the U.S. That definitely hurts. But moreover there is a loss of those employees and many others who simply leave an organization to be where they can work in a harassment free workplace. And that costs an organization in headhunting costs to find replacements, training for new employees and most importantly a loss in morale.

The program It’s About Respect: Recognizing Harassment in a Diverse Workplace provides the outline to properly identify what harassment is and how to avoid it. Employees are encouraged not just to recognize other’s behavior but also look at their own to understand what might be perceiced as harassment to someone else. But harassment training videos aren’t just to identify problems but offer solutions. In the program are steps to put in place an assessment of harassment and the liability one faces in partaking in any harassing activity.

About Carlton’s Training Solutions

Carlton’s Training Solutions is the company that has made it’s brand by identifying the needs of its clientele. As the faces and backgrounds of organizations change so too must the training of those organizations. Carlton’s has grown with those changes year in and year out. The company has centered itself right smack into the eye of the storm attacking the tough challenges the workplace faces in harassment training, diversity training, substance abuse, conflict resolution training, and even workplace violence. And Carlton’s Training Solutions has spared no expense for their training programs, employing the captains of industry such as Tom Peters, Stephen Covey, Joel Barker, Ken Blanchard, Morris Massey, Catherine Crier, Bob Farrell, Lou Holtz, Dewitt Jones and many others. To see other programs and subjects by Carlton’s Training Solutions upon which to train your organization, click here at

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