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Facebook Pays One Billion Dollars for Instagram. What’s the Next Hot New Web Start up?

Date: April 17 2012

Facebook paid one billion dollars for internet startup Instagram , with just 13 employees and no revenue stream!  Is the tech bubble back?  The search is on for the next undervalued startup, and it just might be, which gives away cool prizes and a shot at viral fame to contest winners. 

Billed as the premier source for visual media competition on the net, the scrappy start-up contest site invites visitors of all ages and interests to compete in head-to-head competitions by uploading videos, pictures, and other media to gain exposure and win prizes.  Combining the best qualities of television reality shows like “America’s Got Talent,” video portals such as YouTube, and social networking giant Facebook, the new is already attracting impressive traffic volume, and funding from investment firm Canrock Ventures.  

Examples of some competitions are "Write the Caption Contest", “Unique Talent" and  of course "Best Bikini Pose" which received an influx of entries around’s on site participation in Panama City FL college spring break events.  Competition winners receive prizes include IPAD’s, a spring break trip to Mexico and gift cards with values up to $1,000.00.  Each user has their own profile paged that tracks their performance, including wins and prizes.

Ask LoadNVote’s “boy wonder” founders Matt Waxman, Maxx Yellin, and Jon Doman (who are all in the early 20’s):
  • Who is LoadNVote’s target user?
  • What is the most popular contest on LoadNVote?
  • What is most important when starting an internet company?
  • How do you monetize a web start up like LoadNVote?
  • What process did you go through to launch LoadNVote from the ground up, with no one on the team having a computer or tech background?
To request an interview with LoadNVote’s young entrepreneurs contact Rebecca Fuentes at or at 703-589-8960.

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