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Date: April 26 2011

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (April 26, 2011) -- DecisionUR (DUR) announced today that its web-based workers’ compensation utilization review software will now include the New York Treatment Guidelines as well as the ACOEM portion of the California MTUS treatment guidelines.

DecisionUR<> will integrate Reed Group’s MDGuidelines<> With New York Treatment Guidelines, which contains both proprietary licensed content from ACOEM<> (American College of Environmental and Occupational Medicine) as well as Reed Group’s proprietary data crosswalks that allow navigation of the New York Guidelines by CPT (medical procedure) and ICD (diagnostic) codes. DUR also will incorporate the ACOEM content of the California MTUS.

Reed Group’s MDGuidelines navigation software is used by the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board and is the only product on the market that is licensed to distribute the ACOEM portion of the New York Treatment Guidelines.

DecisionUR’s software “pre-scrubs” workers’ compensation claims to ensure they qualify with medical treatment guidelines. By automating the application of specific, proven medical protocols, DUR is a highly effective cost-containment tool, offering users flexible pricing by transaction or licensing.

“Integrating MDGuidelines With New York Treatment Guidelines makes DecisionUR the must-have utilization product for anyone working in the New York workers’ comp industry,” says DecisionUR Medical Director Lester Sacks, MD. “Reed Group’s MDGuidelines makes it easy to navigate the New York Treatment Guidelines and ACOEM content for MTUS. We’re very pleased to offer the power of their content and search tools to our customers.”

“DecisionUR is an essential tool for the cost-effective adoption of state guidelines,” says Jon Seymour, MD, president, guidelines, for Reed Group. “We’re excited to offer integration of MDGuidelines with DUR’s excellent software and, thereby, make adoption of state treatment guidelines easier for all workers’ comp stakeholders.”

DecisionUR’s software is used by payors, providers, third-party administrators (TPAs) independent review organizations (IRAs), utilization review organizations (URAs) and other stakeholders throughout the workers’ compensation industry.

For more information, please visit

About DecisionUR
DecisionUR is a web-based utilization review platform with API connections and is HIPAA compliant. The software’s flexibility allows connectivity with billling review companies and is robust for managing the automated review process built around ICD diagnostic coding and CPT procedural coding. The software allows individual client protocols and jurisdictional compliance. More information at<>.

About Reed Group®
Reed Group® is the world’s most trusted source of return-to-work information, helping companies improve employee absence outcomes. Reed Group’s data, tools, customized solutions, and case management services help reduce absence incidence and duration, and get employees back to normal, healthy lives and full productivity. Reed Group is headquartered in Westminster, Colorado. More information at<> and<>.


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