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Carlton’s Training Solutions Announces Joel Barker Plans for Change Management Video

Date: December 16 2012

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) December 16, 2012
Joel Barker is a brilliant futurist featured in corporate training videos by Carlton’s Training Solutions titled Innovation at the Verge and The New Business of Paradigms.
Barker has made his mark on the business world by providing the steps necessary to recognize change that is to come. The Innovation at the Verge and The New Business of Paradigms programs with Carlton’s Training Solutions illuminate why businesses have followed Joel Barker for so long.

Following trends is necessary to achieve any kind of business success. The trends tell an organization what is working in the business world right now at this moment. In The New Business of Paradigms Barker discusses what makes businesses great but also how to question the status quo. Challenging trends is a necessary part of business evolution. Many have to be brave in the face of others’ failures. Barker says, “Those who say it can’t be done are usually interrupted by others doing it.”

Innovation at the Verge
is a dynamic corporate training video featuring Joel. It hammers away at the future and how businesses cannot predict it but create it. Time and time again a new innovation will be created out of opportunity, necessity or vigilance. If a company cannot be the organization that creates this vision, then they should be there when it happens and create change management in the organization to reflect it as soon as possible.

Carlton’s Training Solutions effectively utilizes the Joel Barker videos Innovation at the Verge and The New Business of Paradigms for their clients. Clients have more than documented the changes made at their organizations. They’ve made great strides to create innovations for their own companies for the betterment of global business trade. The Joel Barker videos Innovation at the Verge and The New Business of Paradigms are provided to Carlton’s Training Solutions personnel and clients because of the impact they make.

About Carlton’s Training Solutions

Carlton’s Training Solutions helps businesses provide corporate training to employees. They handle training in the realm of healthcare training, sexual harassment training, diversity training, workplace violence training, management training and generational issues. Carlton’s Training Solutions enlisted major players to be in their programs including Bob Farrell, Dewitt Jones, Ben Zander, Catherine Crier, Ken Blanchard, Tom Peters, Stephen Covey, Morris Massey, John Cleese, Joel Barker, and Lou Holtz. To see other topics of training or learn more about Carlton’s Training Solutions click here at their site

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