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Candidate Optimization Increases Chances of Getting a Job Interview and Job Offer

Date: April 11 2012

DANVILLE, Calif. (April 11, 2012) -- Preptel Corporation, provider of candidate optimization services to improve a candidate’s chances of getting an interview and securing an offer, announced today the results of a study that found the job fit rating is 30 percent higher for job seekers using Preptel. 

After analyzing thousands of job seeker résumés, the study found the average job fit rating is 12 percent, while the average Preptel job fit rating is over 40 percent.  The study analyzed all types of jobs at all levels of employment, including: executives, managers, directors, and entry-level positions.

“We found the average job seeker does not tailor their résumé and in most cases, does not know how to tailor their résumé effectively,” said Jonathan Ciampi, president and founder of Preptel.  “When applying for jobs, customizing your résumé is one of the most important opportunities a job seeker has.  For those who are customizing their résumé, they are getting job interviews at a higher rate than those who think a single résumé will work.”

The analysis showed those who received a 70 percent job fit rating or higher, were interviewed 60 percent of the time.  This means out of every two applications, they are getting at least one interview.

Preptel’s mission is to change the world by redefining the talent acquisition process, where skills, work experience, and true assets of an individual are considered for a position.  Career development professionals, recruiters, outplacement firms, and job seekers will all benefit from Preptel’s unique technology that helps streamline the hiring process. 

Recognizing that computers read a résumé first (not humans) and that over 75 percent of résumés are discarded for using the wrong word or formatting issues, Preptel uses proprietary algorithms, advanced semantic search, computational linguistics and statistical inference to help match a job candidate to the respective job opening. 

About Preptel

Based in Danville, Calif., Preptel provides candidate optimization services that showcase an individual’s strengths and provides the insight to compete in today’s competitive job market.  The wisdom we’ve gained from working with 5400+ hiring companies and more than 23 million users in 168 countries and 34 languages on their Talent Management strategies helps us better serve you and deliver products that are effective.  With a customer-focused approach as our single most important and recognized quality, we have worked to deliver the first proven technology to quantifiably improve a candidate’s job search success. For more information, please visit or call (800) 408-1497.

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