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Vehicle Policy

Date: February 28 2001

POLICY:  Vehicle Policy

POLICY NUMBER:  [Insert Number]

EFFECTIVE DATE:  [Insert Date]

PERTAINS TO:  All Employees


[Insert Company Name] is committed to promoting safety and responsible driving for all of its employees.  To ensure that this commitment is followed through, the Company has adopted a vehicle policy that requires all employees who operate company owned, leased/rented, or car allowance vehicles during the performance of their jobs, to do so in a lawful and safe manner. Use of the aforementioned vehicles will be strictly for the business of the Company and will by no means be considered available for personal use in any way.


Management is responsible for the implementation and on-going administration of this policy.  An employee who, at the Company´s request and through the Company´s authorization, is asked to operate:

-        a rented vehicle, leased vehicle, or vehicle for which the Company provides car allowance while on Company business will do so only from licensed agencies that rent/lease vehicles meeting all state/provincial registration and inspection requirements as well as the safety requirements of this policy.

-        a company vehicle will do so for company business only and will be required to submit an authorization form to [insert respective department name here].  No unauthorized persons will be permitted to operate a company vehicle. 


Since the Company has the sole discretion in determining who may operate company or company-sponsored vehicles, the Company has the right to review any appropriate documents including driving records, proof of a valid license, automobile insurance information etc. and must be made aware of any driving violations, changes to driver information and driver status immediately. 


Employees are expected to take all steps necessary in avoiding endangering themselves and others while operating company or company-sponsored vehicles on company business. To ensure this, employees authorized to operate company/company-sponsored vehicles are expected to:

-        ensure that all occupants, including himself/herself, wear safety belts when the vehicle is in operation.

-        ensure that the vehicle to which the employee is assigned is maintained in a safe driving condition.

-        refrain from using cellular telephones (unless they are equipped with hands-free operations), personal listening devices, and from conducting any other activities which may impede the driver´s ability to focus on safely operating the vehicle while it is in motion.

-         comply with respective laws governing motor vehicle operations.

Any individual who is in violation with the safety expectations listed above may be subject to potential disciplinary action by the Company up to and including termination.







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