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HR Classroom-Online Compliance Training

Date: October 31 2001

Companies have been struggling for years on the right approach to deliver training on "touchy" subjects such as sexual harassment, workplace violence and discrimination prevention. But as everyone knows, these subjects must be covered in order to make employees feel safer and more comfortable when they go to work.

HR Classroom, a service of Curtis Communications Inc., has taken steps to providing this type of training to employees and supervisors using Web-enabled capabilities.

What is HR Classroom? HR Classroom is a legal compliance online training program specializing in sexual harassment, workplace violence and discrimination prevention, as well as Interviewing, hiring and termination training for employers.

What Are HR Classroom´s Features? HR Classroom has several features for both Managers: Manager Account (Administrative) and Participants (Training).

1. Manager Account (Administrative) The Manager Account in HR Classroom allows Managers to:

a) Display Employee Records: This section allows managers to view which employees have completed what training program, in addition to the employees who haven´t completed them. Managers can specify information for their report by "Filtering by Training", "Completion Status", "Date Completed", as well as indicate the report format, including normal, excel spreadsheet or Comma Delimited Text File [CSV]).

b) Manage Training Groups: Training groups are collections of one or more training modules that are available to employees through an employer assigned access code. Managers can manage these training groups by clicking the "Manage Training Groups" section in the Manager account of HR classroom. There, the program allows you to add, edit or delete a desired training group.

c) Custom Company Policies: HR Classroom allows employers to input their own company harassment policies making it relevant to each company participating in the training program. When the manager goes to the section called, "Manage Custom Policies", he or she will see a chart indicating all of the training courses, whether a custom policy has been designed for those courses, in addition to the dates they were created and modified.

d) Custom Employee ID: Employers can customize their reports by designing custom employee IDs for the training program. For example: standard IDs would include First Name, Last Name, etc., but a custom employee ID might be shoe size. To create this, the manager would simply click the "Define Custom Employee ID" section in the "Manager´s account", enter the name of the ID they wish to have, and press enter.

e) Employer Announcements: The Manager Account also allows managers to input "Employer Announcements", generally indicating which training sessions have been added to the overall training program.

Additional Features:

Licenses HR Classroom uses licenses to govern the number of trainings an employer may offer to their employees. Each license is valid for a single use of any training module offered by HR Classroom. A license is used each time an employee completes a registration page near the beginning of a training module.

2. Training Selection for Participants The training selection of HR Classroom allows employees and supervisors to:

a) Participate in Courses Several courses are available for both employees and supervisors including:

b) For Employees

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention

  • Workplace Violence Prevention

  • Email and Internet use in the workplace

  • Discrimination and harassment prevention

c) For Supervisors

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention

  • Interviewing and hiring practices

  • Discipline of employees

  • Termination of employees

  • Discrimination and harassment prevention

  • FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act)

  • Hiring and the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)

d) Course Example: Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Participants are first met with a screen indicating all the courses the manager has requested - the program will specify which courses the participant has completed. The user interface is very appealing making it easier to navigate through the training session.

For Each Course, a "Training Overview" is provided, which helps participants to get a better idea of the contents of the course.

The Next screen allows the participant to "Register" and obtain instructions for the course. This screen also indicates how long the course will take - approximately 25 minutes - however the time it takes depends on the knowledge of the user.

e) Then the course begins:

Introduction: This provides the participant with a brief definition of what the course is about - in my case, I chose to participate in the "Sexual Harassment Prevention Training". It also outlines the importance of my knowledge of sexual harassment within the workplace.

Policy Against Sexual Harassment: The next screen indicates the company´s policy against sexual harassment. Participants are expected to know and abide by these rules of the company.

Next, the program proceeds to give a course in Sexual Harassment. Included in this section is:


  1. Definition of Sexual Harassment

  3. Types of Sexual Harassment

  5. FAQs - With this section is a "warning" telling the participant to read carefully as there will be a short quiz to follow.

  7. Test your Knowledge: A short quiz consisting of three questions on the FAQs just studied. The participant chooses an answer, presses "submit" and is told if the answer was correct or not. If you are not correct, the course allows you to try again until you´re correct.

  9. Actions to Avoid: the course provides actions you should avoid so you do not cross the line into sexual harassment, i.e. dating, inappropriate humor, explicit material and touching.

  11. How to Respond to Sexual Harassment

  13. Test Your Knowledge

  15. Employer´s Response to Sexual Harassment: the participant is given options that the employer should take upon hearing of a sexual harassment case, including confidentiality, corrective action, notification of resolution and follow-up.

  17. Final Review Quiz: This is a quiz taking into consideration the whole course. A note is written indicating that all questions must be answered to finish the course.

  19. Conclusion to Sexual Harassment Training: This page section congratulates the participant, while providing a summary of what he or she should have learned in the training.

  21. Certificate of Completion for Sexual Harassment: This is a keepsake that the participant can print out explaining the participant has finished the module.

When the participant exits the training session, he or she will then be given opportunity to do the next course, or wait until another day to complete it - until all the courses have been completed.

Additional Features:

Status Bar Participants can follow their progress using a status bar found at the top of the screen.

HR.Commentary HR Classroom is a convenient program for employees to use, as it allows them to participate in their training programs on their own time, from their own PC. The information is up-to-date and relevant to any place of work. As stated before, the user interface is easy to look at and helps to maneuver through the training without a hitch. In addition, when the participant is partaking in the training module, two quizzes are given in the middle, which helps the user pay attention to the content being taught.

My only issue with this product is that it seemed almost too easy for participants to get through the training module. If a case arises where an employee was in a hurry and needed to get their training module completed, he or she could simply skip through the "readings", go straight for the quizzes and have the modules completed in no time. The reason for this is because most of the questions only provide two to three answers, one of which is pretty obvious. I chose anything that said "company manual" within the description and I was correct. Even if the participant gets the question wrong, he or she can go back several times to pick the next best answer and move on.

Overall however, I think it´s important for a company to have a program like this because it brings the issues covered in HR Classroom to face. Several people don´t know the dos and don´ts to such issues as sexual harassment, workplace violence and discrimination. HR Classroom is taking a valuable step in bringing these types of programs into the workplace.

About HR Classroom HR Classroom is a service of Curtis Communications Inc., which provides essential human resource information and training services to more than 20,000 employers worldwide. Curtis Communications services include: HR Care ® Online Resource Center, HR Classroom and a variety of Custom publishing products. For more information visit the Website at


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