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AngloINFO launches 100th regional expat website

Date: November 1 2012

AngloINFO, the global expat network, has announced today the launch of its first Japanese website, demonstrating its commitment to expanding its strong network of websites with clear, reliable and trustworthy information for expatriate communities all around the world.
Packed full of useful information for expats living and working in the Japanese capital city, Tokyo now has its own, local AngloINFO website – the essential free-of-charge resource for Tokyo’s international community.
Over the past 12 years, AngloINFO has built the world's largest network of websites for English-speaking expats and residents. It operates in many regions around the world providing vital support and information to the local international communities. Its local websites provide detailed day-to-day support to people living in a particular region, while its national websites are specifically geared to addressing the needs of those who are in the process of moving, or looking to move.
AngloINFO’s Chief Executive, Tony Salter, commented “At AngloINFO, we are not obsessed with numbers. We are obsessed with providing useful and accurate information for the expatriate community around the world. We started, 12 years ago, in the French Riviera and have been slowly building our presence in places where we were needed. We always knew we could get this far, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our very loyal 3.5 million users.”
“Today, we have reached an incredible milestone – we have launched our 100th AngloINFO website, in the capital of Japan Tokyo. This incredible city is home to a large expatriate community and we hope our newly established presence will help local users feel more at home”, says Mr. Salter.
A core driver of AngloINFO’s consistent success is the strategy to bring in local franchisees that know their market and are able to integrate closely with the local expat communities. 
The Tokyo operation is managed by franchisee Jeff Cushman, a former airline pilot of American nationality, who commented: “Tokyo is a global leading city, with a population of over 12 million residents. Foreigners are estimated to be 2 million, across the whole country, of which Koreans make up the largest proportion (29.8%), followed by Chinese (25.8%), Brazilians (15%) and Filipinos (9.3%). Tokyo is a prosperous and affluent capital, which continues to welcome a significant number of expatriates. AngloINFO will be a very useful resource to those who have recently moved, are thinking about moving to this city or even for those who have been living here for some time.”
Expats and English-speaking residents in Tokyo can now:
  • Choose from dozens of daily events and hundreds of events scheduled for the year in the ‘What’s On’ Guide
  • Search the directory of thousands of local, English-speaking businesses
  • Get advice from other Tokyo expats in the local Discussions
  • Buy and sell essential items through the Classifieds
  • Browse hundreds of pages of carefully-researched, factually correct information covering topics ranging from finding accommodation and employment, to understanding the school system or registering a car
AngloINFO Tokyo offers the definitive in-depth resource for any expat living in, or moving to, this Asian megacity.
AngloINFO is continuing its rapid expansion into expat markets around the world, having grown 30% in 2011 and serving over 3.5 million unique monthly visitors. 
According to Tony Salter, AngloINFO’s Chief Executive, “Asia is an exciting expansion for AngloINFO with significant growth potential. We already run 72 regional businesses within Europe, South America and the Far East and this is just one of 40 new site developments occurring throughout 2012. We are launching our first sites in Taipei, Jakarta, Shanghai and Shenzhen soon. Where do we go from here? India, the United States, China, Russia, Taiwan and Mexico, just to name a few places. It’s our aim to be wherever the AngloINFO community needs us. We are also actively looking for new franchisees worldwide, continuing our expansion plans.”
What is AngloINFO?
AngloINFO currently operates 72 independent regional websites in 33 countries, and continues to expand worldwide. It is the world leader in this market and serving an estimated 3.5 million users each month.
Focus and attention to its core brand values – clarity, reliability and relevance – has made it an essential tool for millions of expats worldwide.
AngloINFO is for anyone who speaks English – whether as a first language or not – who needs information on or support with living in, moving to, or moving back to, a country or region which they are not totally familiar with.
AngloINFO users come from all nationalities and walks of life – from people on expat job contracts to their partners and children, from students to retirees, from second-home owners to permanent emigrants – AngloINFO’s core mission is to support them all.