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Benefits Communication

Date: April 5 2006

It is said that effective communication can be viewed as the lifeblood of a successful organization.  This stems from the idea of changing employee behavior. Likewise, effective benefits communication can dramatically help an organization through again this same change in the employee behavior.  This will be a recurring theme throughout this presentation - Changing Employee Behavior. 

We are going to discuss what communication is, what the communication process is, why conduct effective employee benefits communication, what the benefits of effective communication are, and if we have time, we are going to go on to disclosure and reporting requirements needed for your employees.

Most Americans, if not all, do not appreciate the importance and benefits of this communication in their daily lives, whether it is at work or play.  It has been estimated that approximately 75% of time is spent in communication by many Americans whether it is reading, writing, speaking, or listening.  Everybody may talk about the need for communication.  Parents complain about lack of communication with their children, children complain the same thing in reverse, students complain about lack of communication with teachers, and it goes on.

Download the full transcript of this Educational webcast here .(It may take 1-2 minutes)

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