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Talent Acquisition Excellence Forum 2014
January 27 and 28th, 2014 | South San Francisco Conference Center
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Be part of the agenda!
Tell us what you would like to see in our Talent Acquisition Excellence Forum session lineup. Either select an existing Contract Workforce and Talent Exchange HR webcast, a session you've seen or heard about from another conference, or submit a new presentation. All sessions must be 45 minutes to qualify for HRCI credits and you MUST have an HR person or client co-presenting with you.
TIP: Don't forget to tell your social networks about your sessions - and get them to vote for you! The top 10 sessions will be included in the agenda and you can earn some great incentives through our soon to be launched Affiliate Program! You'll be eligible to receive cash, raise money for a charitable donation, or gain credit for registration.

Vote on what you want to see!
Just want to vote on what you want to see presented? Voting begins October 1st and continues through to November 1st. Click the Vote on Presentations button below to vote for your favorites. The top 10 ideas will be added as sessions, the next 15 will become round table topics.
TIP: Each person can vote only once for each idea - so get your friends voting for the sessions you want, so you get the conference you want!

You can also submit presentations for other categories.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing | Quality of Hire | Online Staffing and Sourcing


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