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Blogs / Tags / Leading Others
unknown user Recently, I attended a dream time walk and art activity in Mossman Gorge in North Queensland with a team of clients. The walk was conducted by the traditional owners of the land the Ku Ku Yalangi people. Our guide Rosy shared her rules to live by... more...

Jim Clemmer "Ignorance is the starting point for the bliss that leads to oblivion." Joan, a coffee shop manager, watched a customer get up and make his way to the pay phone beside the counter. "Hi. I am calling about the ad you had in the paper for a regional... more...

Maynard Brusman Leading from the Middle One of my senior manager executive coaching clients is becoming better at recognizing and solving problems. I am coaching a number of middle managers to lead their boss, and provide needed guidance so that all employees ... more...

Jim Clemmer If you think you're working for a bad boss, you have plenty of company. Of 1,118 people who completed a survey at the web site last year, "48 percent said they would fire their boss if they could, 29 percent would have their boss ... more...

Jim Clemmer "Order and simplification are the first steps toward the mastery of a subject." — Thomas Mann, early 20th century German novelist and essayist Once a management team has established a change and improvement plan, there are many ways to help everyo... more...

Marshall Goldsmith Marshall’s Got MOJO In his latest book, MOJO: How To Get It, How To Keep It, How To Get It Back If You Lose It, Marshall Goldsmith, along with co-author Mark Reiter, has hit another home run. Following on the heels of his blockbuster book What... more...

James Mittler JAMES E. MITTLER, CMC Conflicted and Confused First, let me wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR – let’s all hope that 2010 is much better than 2009 which I believe it will be. Now, what is this conflic... more...

Don Phin This is the spiritual season. Spirituality is a broader and more encompassing notion. You can be spiritual without being religious, and as presented in the daily headlines, many people practice their religion in a way that is far from the common noti... more...

Steven Goldberg I thought I'd mix it up a bit and take on a more generic topic in this blog posting ... working in another country. As a native New Yorker and resident of 3 other states over the years, I knew an opportunity to live and work in Switzerland for 3+ ... more...

Steven Goldberg It’s hard to imagine what possible gift could have been spawned from the worst years of economic turmoil and fallout in most people’s lifetimes. While no doubt a disastrous set of circumstances for many, the turn of events was no big surp... more...

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