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Patrick Stakenas Each month or quarter when senior sales leaders meet with the CEO or get invited into the boardroom, substantiating why the number was missed or why the number was made is always a difficult challenge. The challenge becomes even more difficult when t... more...

Patrick Stakenas Performance management has become critically important to keeping this focus. In the last few years, the move has been toward proactive performance management processes. While you can’t control the economy, you can control your efforts that can... more...

Shadan Malik As the saying goes, a team is only as strong as its weakest link. With organizations fully dependent on their employees to drive company performance, it is critical that each individual is held accountable for his/her work. Maximizing employee output... more...

Derek Irvine We hear and read the distressing news on a daily basis: stocks are plummeting, people are losing their jobs by the tens of thousands, and companies are looking for ways to cut costs while keeping their existing workforce engaged and motivated. A str... more...

Jim Clemmer A central theme in my decades of trying to understand, apply, and teach leadership skills is that leadership is an action, not a position. Leadership is what we do, not who we are. Who we become is determined by what we repeatedly think and do. All t... more...

Joan Lloyd If you are a manager who takes the responsibility of doing performance reviews seriously you are probably frustrated with the process. It’s far from a perfect science but one thing is certain, if promotions and other career decisions are based ... more...

Bruce Tulgan A lot of times managers tell me that they want to have more rewards in their repertoire to drive employee performance, but they operate in a resource constrained environment. They don't have enough resources to reward people. So let me tell you what ... more...

Chris Arringdale Since the environmental or green push started in the 1990s, organizations have been taking steps to do their part to decrease their carbon footprint. Today, the momentum has not slowed and is viewed by many to be a valuable initiative. ReviewSNAP"... more...

Peter Adebi My last article, Pruning Thorns from Roses: HR's Role in Managing Disruptive Key Employees,1 explored approaches for managing difficult key employees. Several readers of this article requested that I examine what they felt was a more difficult and pe... more...

Softscape, Inc. Softscape, Inc. The Strategic Dilemma For most organizations, annual employee reviews and compensation adjustments are processes that are time-consuming, burdensome, and riddled with complexity and inaccuracy. In many cases, merit increases, bonuses, stock op... more...

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