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Ayurvedic Villa A Wellness Retreat more...

Ayurvedic Villa A Wellness Retreat more...

Ayurvedic Villa A Wellness Retreat more...

Ayurvedic Villa A Wellness Retreat more...

VitalSmarts India Question:– Dear VitalSmarts, Several of my coworkers sit and face each other in the cubicles next door to me. They’re good friends and it seems, especially lately during our slow season, that they spend the majority of the day chatting about any... more...

Ayurvedic Villa As a yoga retreat organiser based in India for many years, I’ve had frequent opportunities to experience the ‘authentic ayurveda’; queuing with the locals to see the village doctor, taking parttime treatments on the tourist trail and even working in ... more...

- Littler Mendelson Illinois employers had been able to rely upon Illinois' prohibition against all non-consensual recording of conversations, whether private or not. As of March 20, 2014, that prohibition no longer exists. read more more...

Richard B. Cohen Traditional labor law is not our bailiwick — we do employment discrimination law.  But a new NLRB ruling today has major implications for us. The NLRB in Chicago ruled today that Northwestern University football players are employees, not students as... more...

David Duffield I recently spoke at a conference where I was asked the question, ¬タワWhat did Workday see in the market that made you think there was any opportunity for a new enterprise player?¬タン Time constraints and the element of surprise conspired to make my ans... more...

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