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Kristina Cleary Revelations in McKinsey&Company’s eighth annual survey on business and technology strategy point where IT is heading: The belief that IT has strategic value is growing among executives. Even so, in large numbers executives continue to express dissati... more...

John Sumser "I have read most social media terms of service and this is the most draconian indemnity clause I have seen." more...

Gabrielle Shaffer Kids and Milk: What's in Their Cup? Before you become a parent, it¬タルs really important that you know what¬タルs at your center. For a modern mom, something as simple as buying a gallon of milk can represent a deep philosophical search for what our gui... more...

John O'Brien Socially connected employees respond to an employee engagement strategy that recognizes their need to be noticed.   During World War II, American GIs left a trail of graffiti on the walls of any place around the world they happened to be stationed. T... more...

Richard B. Cohen Westminster – august seat of the British government.  Can it really be the “Palace of Sexminster?” Survey Finds Rampant Sexual Harassment Recent allegations of sexual harassment reaching into the highest levels of government prompted a local London T... more...

David Duffield Our first Workday Rising Europe exceeded our expectations, and we¬タルre still hearing from customers about the value they received and what they¬タルd like to see next year. The conference packed in plenty of insights, news, and updates. This video capt... more...

David Grossman Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced in a letter to shareholders last week that warehouse employees wanting to quit can receive up to 5,000. Why pay your employees to leave your company? The purpose behind such an offer, according to Bezozs, is to ensur... more...

Jennifer Grasz CHICAGO ¬タモ April 17, 2014 ¬タモ As the polar vortex finally releases its grip on the U.S. and beach season is no longer a mirage, workers are examining their physical fitness with mixed results. More than half of workers (55 percent) categorize themse... more...

Press Releases Intralinks Appoints Russell Poole as Executive Vice President of Human Resources   New York, February 3, 2014 — Intralinks® Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: IL ), a leading, global SaaS provider of content management and collaboration solutions, today... more...

Jennifer Marants IHRIM Launches Search for New President/CEO APRIL 15, 2014   NO COMMENTS  |  BACK TO HOME With the expiration of President/CEO Lynne Mealy’s contract at the end of 2014,  IHRIM , the International Association for Huma... more...

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