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Steve Barry Wouldn’t it be great if a Harvard grad student studied the future of leadership development, and then shared the findings with you? We had that privilege last Friday, when New Zealander Nick Petrie joined us in Boston. Like most Kiwis I’ve met, Ni... more...

Eva Jenkins In an alarming number of companies, massive lay-offs have decimated workforces and left those that remain feeling over-worked, stressed out, and devoid of clear expectations about their futures. This toxic environment causes employees to become disen... more...

Natalie Trudel   CRG emPerform is pleased to present an exciting webinar taking place on April 28 on “The New Deal: Creating a Talent Strategy”. This webinar will be hosted by Susan Lill, SPHR, CHRP, of FGP HR Consulting. During this webinar, Susan ... more...

unknown user The Bridge Personality A personality questionnaire that takes account of the answer behaviour of your candidate. To determine both personality and type and provide insight into competencies. Reliable and taken completely online. TestGroup Con... more...

Derek Irvine Recognize This! – Employees will follow your lead on what you truly value based on what you recognize and reward. Frequent readers of my blog know how I feel about company values and their influence on the culture of the organization. Ann Rh... more...

Michael Kirsten As businesses across the globe evaluate and continue to assess their recruitment needs, HR departments are being confronted by a daunting array of challenges. On one hand, in the aftermath of historical highs in unemployment, there is supposed ... more...

Elizabeth Goodwin We are hiring for several positions, so we have a ton of resumes coming in. Are we required by law to keep the resumes of applicants that we're not interested in? If so, for how long? We are in TX. Thanks! more...

Elissa Tucker What’s on the minds of chief human resource officers (CHROs) in 2011? What do they see as the most pressing human capital challenges in this period of economic recovery? APQC reviewed recent surveys of senior HR leaders and found the followin... more...

Maynard Brusman Peak Performance “Put simply, the best managers bring out the best from their people. This is true of football coaches, orchestra conductors, big-company executives, and small-business owners. They are like alchemists who turn lead into gold. Pu... more...

Robert Boroff  Nuclear power has always been a topic of great concern throughout the world’s history. The Cold War, which instilled fear in millions of people, consisted of proxy wars, economic tension following World War II, and of course, a nuclear power s... more...

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