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Todd Black   Just imagine its early morning and the moisture in the air is thick. You’re on a trail going around a hillside and you come to an opening where you can’t see too far in front of your bike. You stop and begin to wonder, “am I in the clouds ... more...

Lorea Jimenez Hi! I have finished my Master on International Human Resource Management and now I am thinking on doing PhD. The problem is that I do not know how to start, I need something that: 1)Identifies a research question / topic based on a clear 'gap' i... more...

Maynard Brusman Working Resources is a San Francisco Bay Area Executive Coaching Firm Helping Innovative Companies and Law Firms Assess, Select, Coach, Engage and Retain Emotionally Intelligent Leaders; Executive Coaching; Leadership Development; Performance-Based I... more...

Derek Irvine Recognize This! – Company culture is a combination of what you believe, what you say, and what you actually do. Be sure the three stay in alignment. I’ve written a good bit this week on corporate culture, first on building a magnetic cultur... more...

Elissa Tucker APQC is finalizing its human capital management (HCM) best practices research agenda for 2012. Take our brief survey to tell us which study topics interest you: . Topics already under consideration include: Bui... more...

Julian Goldie This is the third in a series of weekly “AWR Mythbusters” by which paraplus blows a hole in some of the common misconceptions about these new regulations. Today we look at limited company contractors. Fact or Myth? – Limited company contractors ... more...

Michael Kirsten   Everyone loves a sale or a discount. We all like the feeling that we’ve gotten something for less than what it is actually worth. Yet, when all is said and done, there is an old piece of wisdom that I think still holds true: you get what y... more...

Bill Humbert Remember the 1960’s? Well, there are two generations who don’t. If you were a candidate, there were three primary ways for you to find a job. 1) Complete an application, drop it off with the Personnel Department, and hope the company called you... more...

Patrick Ropella Q: For the most part, I enjoy my job. But, sometimes I need an extra push to get inspired. How should I explain this need to my boss? A: A current trend in the workplace is to find a higher meaning than a paycheck. Not everyone can be a firefighte... more...

Melanie Aizer Read a Case Study Featuring Three Customer Success Stories of Companies Using Visier Workforce Analytics to Solve Their Unique Business Challenges Case Study #1 - Competing for Top Talent The high-tech industry has unique challenges of gl... more...

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