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Adam Small by Joanne Black A thank you goes a long way—thanks for a referral, thanks for new business, thanks for the meeting. When clients ask if they should send a note, make a call, or send an email as a thank you for a referral, I answer “yes.” You ca... more...

Bruce Tulgan I have never met a high performer who thinks it is fair to give high performers and low performers the same rewards. Low performers love to be treated the same as high performers. But it's never true the other way around. Every boss worth his or h... more...

George Wassell By Solutions EAP An effective strategy for monitoring and minimizing the amount of anxious energy you expend over a given situation is to ask and answer two simple, yet profound questions. Answering these two questions and charting them on the att... more...

Sheryl Stephen It is hard to believe the 1st quarter of 2011 is behind us. What does the next quarter and the rest of the year hold for you? Whether you are exploring personal or organizational goals, keeping those goals vividly in front of you will help sustain th... more...

unknown user The modern sales model came into full flower (although it’s been around since the Serpent convinced Eve to eat the apple) in 1937 with Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. At that time, gathering needs and discussing solution was... more...

Sheryl Stephen When it comes to career advancement, connections count. It's no secret that networking is a critical success factor in navigating the professional landscape.  Power networking is a fine art that can be learned and, when applied in business ... more...

Gerald Davis By David L. Burton, Elite Workforce Inc. PR According to Dr. Tom Barker, a leadership specialist and Tom Davis, a workforce communication specialist, the disaster that happened to many middleclass Americans can be turned around in under a month wh... more...

Derek Irvine Recognize This! – Sometimes, making time for meaningful conversations is powerful recognition. Anybody else going to the WorldatWork 2011 Total Rewards Conference in San Die go May 23-24 ? I’m quite excited for this conference. I’m meeting ... more...

David Smooke In the ongoing search to figure out new ways for technology to improve the recruiting process, I spoke with Kevin W. Grossman in Santa Cruz, CA. "The world is changing with regards to employment. It's nev... more...

I-9 and E-Verify Expert at LawLogix What started as a fairly routine I-9 audit in Minnesota late last year has now turned into an expanding probe of the company’s hiring practices, according to the latest Wall Street Journal article on the embattled restaura... more...

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