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Brian McDermott Hong Kong is the bridge between China and the West. Many companies looking to expand into Asia and concerned about intellectual property protection and financing will start their venture in Hong Kong. Although the vast majority of its people a... more...

Ron Crabtree One method of teaching is the use of negative examples. To get my important point across to top management, I will turn to some real life examples. The first not-so-successful example was a financial services firm with thousands of employees.... more...

Michael Stallard               #29 Be a Connection Catalyst – Research by Rob Cross, Barbara Frederickson and Lynn Anderson has shown that the emotions of a group can spiral up or down.  Take the initiative to be optimistic, positive and upbeat.  Intentionally make p... more...

Stan Phelps The following is an excerpt from the upcoming book, What’s Your Golden Goldfish? (available on Amazon May 1st): Chapter 1 THE GOLDFISH AND THE PEA “The law of the vital few and the trivial many.”  – Joseph Juran, Founder, Juran Institute The setting ... more...

John Sumser HRExaminer Radio Episode: 53 Air Date: April 18, 2014 Guest: Danielle Weinblatt   We’re welcoming back Danielle Weinblatt. Her company recently launched the first observable instance of a Google Glass application in HR/Recruiting. We’re going to talk... more...

Michael Stallard Jeremy Kingsley, author of the book Inspired People Produce Results:  How Great Leaders Use Passion, Purpose and Principles to Unlock Incredible Growth, has some important insights into the power of connection.   I really appreciated how the country ... more...

Gabrielle Shaffer Passion, Inspiration, and a Whole Lot of Fun Before even walking through the front door, the entranceway at Keas tells a story of who they are. A bike is parked in the corner, indicating that they don¬タルt just sell health, they love health, and a lar... more...

Stephane Le Viet I’m excited to announce Work4 has closed 7 million in Series B Funding with Serena Capital and Matrix Partners. This funding is a real testament to the excitement and opportunity we have to leverage Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for recruitment. Wi... more...

Richard B. Cohen Apropos of our recent post “Tired of that Unmotivated Employee?  Pay Them to Quit,” this week’s five-minute laugh session is a delightful way to quit.  It reminds Chrissie and I of a former boss we had that always said that if he won the lottery, he ... more...

Doreen Koronios CARCO Welcomes New SVP of Business Development:   We are excited to announce that Beth Sinkus has joined CARCO as Senior Vice President of Business Development. Beth will work remotely out of her home in Pennsylvania and will report directly to Dave... more...

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