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Doreen Koronios NY Attorney General settles with Bed Bath & Beyond over illegal hiring practices   Bed Bath & Beyond, which operates more than 1,000 stores nationally and 62 in New York, has agreed to pay 40,000 in restitution to applicants unlawfully denied e... more...

Tim Newnham I found this really helpful tool created by UNUM to help you stay on track of what is expected of you as an employer over the next few years in regards to healthcare reform. Have a look and share with your peers Click here @HRcom @Unum #... more...

Doreen Koronios Is Your Hiring Process Completely FCRA Compliant? If not, your company could quickly be in the same situation as a large trucking conglomerate, which was recently ordered to pay 4.4million to settle a class action suit claiming that it fa...iled t... more...

Kristina Cleary One of the primary objectives of any human resources office is to prioritize wellness. The thinking is that if workers are healthy, they’ll be more productive. With that in mind, HR leaders have set out to make corporate health and wellness a key val... more...

Dan Finnigan This was Jobvite’s first year at the British Columbia HRMA event in Vancouver.  It was a great event, packed with awesome content, networking, and technology. From wellness and gamification to assessment and recruiting technologies, the event was lin... more...

Steve Lowisz Social sourcing can be tricky. While it’s always crucial to leverage online and social media sourcing with more traditional candidate research methodologies, these quick and easy search engine tips are often overlooked. The next time you’re sourcing ... more...

John O'Brien In a consumer-oriented, socially connected and transparent world, using points equal to a dollar value seems like an intuitively a good idea. We naturally consider our decision-making powers will be enhanced when the points are easily translatable to... more...

David Grossman Gina approaches the front of the room with her ukulele in hand. Having recently taken up the instrument, she plans to give a short speech to a friendly audience about the joys of playing. Smiling beatifically, she pops the question: “Who’s ever thou... more...

Jennifer Grasz CHICAGO ¬タモ April 24, 2014 ¬タモ Graduation season is upon us, and this year graduates can expect to find improving job prospects. A new study from CareerBuilder and finds that 57 percent of employers say they plan to hire new college ... more...

Tiffany Appleby Let’s face it, communication in the workplace is key to a successful business. In as much as we like to think men and women are equal when it comes to collaboration, more studies are being done on gender and how it affects that very concept. A recent... more...

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