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Forty Percent of Companies to Hire Temporary Workers in 2013

Posted by Stoppard, Jill at Thursday, 01/24/2013 12:16 pm
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 January is typically a time when companies look back at the previous year and try to predict what may happen next. Despite the seemingly ever-changing economic outlook, 2013 is no different. The good news is that they found that 62% of companies believe they are financially better off than from a year ago, according to CareerBuilder’s annual hiring forecast.

2013 is expected to usher in more jobs, but it looks like U.S. employers will continue to play it safe with 40% of companies planning to hire more temporary, project-based workers this year, up from 36% in 2012, 34% in 2011, and 30% in 2010. Interestingly, 42% of these employers plan to promote some of these temporary workers into full-time employees within the next 12 months, indicating that companies are leaning towards a “try before you buy” approach to engaging key members of staff.

While the number of employers who are adding full time, “permanent” headcount is also trending up, so is the number planning to reduce their staff, reflecting a mix of optimism and caution that has been characteristic of this recovery. 26% of employers plan to add staff, up from 23% last year, while 9% of employers plan to cut staff, up from 7% in 2012. 55% of companies plan no change in permanent headcount at all.

Another survey by Staffing Industry Analysts, found that the healthcare staffing market and the IT staffing market are both expected to grow 8% in 2013. IT buyers report to be saving 13% by using contingent workers.

The two surveys indicate that the growth predicted in the usage of project-based, temporary workers in recent years is coming to pass, with companies favoring the flexibility that using contingent workers offers. Because of this growth, companies must get better at defining cost-effective and compliant contingent workforce strategies that limit the risk associated with utilizing this workforce.

Although the use of project-based workers is expanding, through a webinar we did in conjunction with last year, we found that 64% of companies did not provide their staff with thorough guidance on how to properly engage these workers. This leaves companies open to a variety of potentially costly co-employment and misclassification issues.

If you’d like guidance on the best practices and cutting edge methods for engaging a (or for supplying) a contingent workforce, contact me today at or 855 250 5000.

Read the full research from CareerBuilder here

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