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Who's Got Your Back in the Workplace?

Posted by Bertrand, Michael at Friday, 12/14/2012 11:04 am
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2.6 from 9 votes
Watching HBO's WWII series Band of Brothers I was impressed by the fierce loyalty the soldiers had for their comrades in arms. Yes they may have been fighting for country or freedom or some higher ideal, but ultimately they were fighting for each other.
I think the same thing happens in most workplaces. Yes, each worker is striving to further the company's vision and mission. But they are also working to take some of the load off the guy with whom they share a cubicle.

This is one of the reason's peer-to-peer recognition is such a powerful motivator in the workplace. Recognition from the boss is huge, but recognition from your coworkers is the real deal. Your office mates know what you have to endure throughout the day and their praise is meaningful.

Daniel Pink talks about the value of horizontal loyalty - loyalty to one's colleagues. He makes the point that corporations no longer hold out the promise of "lifetime employment" to their employees. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't try to build trust and loyalty between the organization and your employees. It does mean that you should start with the bonds that are naturally strong, the ones between peers. Empower your workers to work with and for each other and pretty soon you'll see productivity build...along with loyalty. After all, when your workers know that you're on their side you can count on the fact that they've got your back.

Improve recognition within your organization today.

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