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Companies Target Social Networks for Pitching Consumers

Posted by Phillips, Steve at Thursday, 12/27/2012 6:14 am
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Social Networking Sites (SNS) despite having a slow start have become a rage these days. Networking sites have become so popular that today we have a site for almost every niche. Such sites are being used by many companies to reach potential target audience as with the increase in the number of internet providers providing valuable internet service, the number of users in these sites have also increased. We can say that each and every individual has an account in at least one of the social networking sites while many of us have accounts in all these sites. In order to make the best of SNS large and small businesses need to look beyond the hype such sites offer. Additionally they need to focus on how their business goals can be achieved by making use of such sites. When put to the best use, such sites can improve business.

SNS like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Orkut and LinkedIn are regarded as one of the best platforms to come across potential customers. A few reasons why SNS are used by companies for pitching consumers has been discussed:

SNS are used to reach target users
Corporate houses use these sites as a platform to build a social relationship with consumers and target users. Such websites are used by individuals who share common interests and likes. This makes it easy for companies to reach their set of target audience.

Understand what each SNS offers
Before you sign up for an account with a SNS, you need to understand what each site offers. Depending on your business requirements you need to choose a SNS that is going to work the best to help you achieve your business goals.

Interact with users on SNS
You can create a business account with any of the SNS’s. Having created a space for your business you need to be active and interactive on the SNS’s. You can make use of such websites to keep in touch with your potential target audience. You can answer any product or service related questions or doubts that they might have. Being interactive is the key to make the presence of your business felt in the online space.

Apart from these you can experiment upon many other ways for pitching consumers through Social Networking Sites.

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