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Tag Employer Services Releases Web-Based Human Resource Management & Automation Software Solution - Webpay

Posted by Schmidt, Leanne at Friday, 09/07/2012 3:11 pm
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Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) September 07, 2012

TAG Employer Services, a leading Administrative Services Organization (ASO), has released cutting-edge human resource management software which streamlines all employer-related functions: payroll, benefits administration, employee time & attendance, performance tracking, HR compliance & knowledge base, scheduling, etc. Webpay offers a host of flexible reporting options giving the user deeper levels of data access at his/her fingertips. This release takes employee and employer self-service to a new level.

Recently, larger competitors in the service bureau industry have announced seemingly similar roll-outs offering online solutions for employee transaction management. These roll-outs have been the result of mergers, acquisitions and takeovers of smaller, specialized firms which focus on one aspect, i.e., time & attendance or tax management. These software takeovers and mergers require complex integration of independently created applications. These challenging integration efforts often result in disjointed solutions diluting the effectiveness of key components and processes.

Rather than follow suit, TAG engaged a team of seasoned developers and took to the drawing board; spending the past two years developing an easy-to-use HR & Payroll system - One complete super-solution developed with the user experience in mind

WebPay not only offers employers a robust web-accessible administrative solution, it offers their employees access to many of the same resources and reporting mechanisms. WebPay’s secure environment streamlines processes that would have otherwise required unnecessary administrative oversight. Employers and employees alike can now access information on the fly; enabling them to better make use of their time and increase overall productivity.

In terms of efficiency, WebPay integrates cutting edge mobile and biometric technology into its employee time & performance tracking capabilities. Use of such technology is especially beneficial to companies who employ mobile sales and workforce teams, fostering a more reliable workforce management process. The entire WebPay platform can be accessed via a mobile device, or on a more granular level, time tracking can be done through simple TEXT commands from registered mobile phones, bringing important HR and management tasks to your fingertips.

Simply put, WebPay by TAG Employer Services, gives employers secure access to HR, Payroll, Benefits & Claims Administration, Employee Time & Attendance, Performance Tracking, and Business Administration – far exceeding basic HR automation, providing solutions to advanced scenarios that its competitors cannot.

TAG Employer Services, a multi-year member of the Inc 500 Fastest Growing Companies list, is a leading Administrative Services Organization (ASO) headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona offering comprehensive Human Resource solutions, Payroll Services, Health & Retirement Benefits, and a proprietary suite of additional services geared towards creating efficiencies and positive growth for businesses