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Former COO and Author Offers Valuable Insight into Corporate Culture as Keynote Speaker

Posted by Wear, Anne at Tuesday, 09/18/2012 2:21 pm
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Raleigh, N.C., September 18, 2012 – Drawing from his own experiences after a lifetime of successful executive leadership, North Carolina author and businessman Sandy Costa is now offering his insight to companies, groups and organizations as a keynote speaker. Costa, former President and COO of Quintiles Transnational Corporation, shares the results from his 40 year journey demonstrating how to grow a company exponentially and create a rich, enduring culture that allows individuals to leave a lasting corporate and personal legacy. His address focuses on how to transform the workplace from the inside out, in order to achieve commercial success.

“My goal as a speaker and author is for others to understand why the long term success of any company starts with its people,” says Costa. “Based on my own experience I also use examples to illustrate how to bring about that success. What it boils down to is this; while some folks consider the care and attention towards employees as the soft stuff, it is actually the most important element of leadership in creating the long term success of any organization.”

The results of a new global survey entitled What’s Working, released by Mercer, a provider of human resource intelligence, shows that between 28% and 56% of employees worldwide are seriously considering leaving their employer. Researchers say one of the most startling findings of the study of 30,000 employees is that the people who haven’t yet decided whether to leave are among the most negative about their jobs. Analysts from Mercer say the survey indicates there is a fairly large group worldwide of apathetic, disaffected, mentally checked-out employees.

“The timing is more important than ever for organizations that want to have a sustainable competitive advantage by creating a culture that promotes respect for individuals and the need to provide a meaningful work experience,” says Costa.

Costa, who travels across the U.S., shares action steps during his speeches on how to reduce conflict, and change low performance and disengagement issues, as well as how to have difficult but needed discussions without the intentional infliction of emotional distress.

“As a former corporate leader, one of the lessons I’ve learned is that we can have the right strategies, great patents, and outstanding products,” says Robert A. Ingram, Chairman Elan Corporation, plc. “But, if we don’t have the real trust and engagement of the people that it’s our privilege to lead, we’ll never capture the full potential of our business. Sandy is more than qualified to share with any audience his unique insights based on real-world experience as to how we, as leaders, can better earn the trust and engagement of our people.”

Costa’s book, Humanity at Work: Encouraging Spirit, Achievement and Truth to flourish in the Workplace (Chapel Hill Press, 2nd edition 2010), focuses on how practicing the lessons he outlines will reduce employee disengagement, dramatically reduce turnover and move employees from fear to anticipation.

As President and COO of the Quintiles Transnational Corporation, Costa helped oversee that company’s explosive growth, while managing the successful integration of more than 40 acquisitions.

“I often reminded co-workers around the globe that every dollar recorded on our income statement was a function of what they did,” says Costa. “People are hungry for stories and reminders that validate their lives and beliefs, stories that are true, simple, and timeless in the wisdom they impart.”

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About Santo (Sandy) Costa

Costa is the popular author of the bestselling business and self-mastery book, Humanity at Work. He is a former Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Glaxo and former President and COO at Quintiles Transnational Corporation. He is well known as a beloved leader and speaker with a message that offers true help and steps for better business and relationships as well as lasting prosperity.

Currently living in Cary, N.C. with his wife Jean Ann, Costa practices law, writes, speaks and consults with organizations. He has sat on the boards of directors of numerous companies both nationally and internationally. Costa also donates his time to philanthropic organizations and is a popular media guest and commentator. He is available for media interviews and speaking engagements. To find out more, log on to

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