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Ethical Choices and Strategies for a Sustainable Future

Posted by Boroff, Robert at Monday, 09/17/2012 4:00 pm
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Ethical Choices and Strategies for a Sustainable Future
What can we do about it?

Why is it that the population of the planet continues to abuse all of our resources when in reality there is little to nothing left. The lack of knowledge that we have on these issues, especially those who are at an age who can put forth effort and research, is absolutely preposterous. No wonder everyone seems so uneducated on these topics, because in order to keep people from panicking, keeping them in the dark is what seems to be the trick to prevent complete and utter chaos. What people need to realize is that their individual opinion does count and if they take a chance to learn about the damage our poor ethical choices have been doing to the planet, there is some hope that we can make the appropriate changes and save it. Is it possible if we don’t start making changes quick, our planet is going to explode and reset itself with no survivors? It all goes back to society as a whole not having enough knowledge of what is really happening and the serious repercussions of what will happen if we don’t take these problems seriously. A lot of the problem may have to do with the fact that individual lives are not being directly affected, so therefore, everyone is convinced that the problem is taking place elsewhere and someone else is dealing with it.

We as a whole need to open our eyes to reality and all the problems that our planet is enduring; it’s up to every single one of us to reverse the issue and come up with alternatives to these issues. We are currently in a place where it’s already too late, so we as a whole need to come together, stop sitting back and watching the planet deteriorate, and come out to make a difference. As far as lifestyle choices, there are a few things that we should become more aware of. Pay more attention to how often you drive, and when you do try to car pool as many people as possible. Recycling should become much more of an importance in the world we are living in today. If everyone would just stand as one and make these changes little by little, we would make a difference. It needs to become more apparent that EVERYONE counts and every little bit of help can make that much more of a difference than what anyone thinks. If we make the necessary changes, we can start to restore the planet that we have single handedly destroyed.

Robert Boroff Executive Profile Managing Director Reaction Search International <a href="">Reaction Search International</a>