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Ssssh! The Secret to a Successful Hire

Posted by Gorey, Aoife at Friday, 06/01/2012 10:57 am
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There is no greater tragedy in the business world than hiring perfectly competent employees for jobs in which they are destined to fail. When this occurs, their potential is wasted. Hiring solutions measure essential behavior characteristics an employer needs to make the most intelligent hiring and selection decisions.

This article will provide information that can help you better understand how assessments and job performance models really work for selecting successful employees for particular jobs in your organization. Whether you are a business owner, executive, or manager, the following information will be beneficial to you.

The key to helping you make better hiring decisions and understanding the core characteristics of your top performers is employee assessments. The solutions actually help talent acquisition professionals and hiring managers predict job suitability and accurately match people with the work they will do in their new jobs.

Today, many organizations use assessments prior to and during the interview process to learn more about job candidates. There are many kinds of employee assessments available, but the most successful hiring assessments use performance models to benchmark the qualities and skills of top performers of a specific job position. This feature increases consistency and success in the hiring process.

Such assessments, like the ProfileXT®, combine tested and reliable data derived from pre-employment screening assessments with a customized job analysis survey to create a benchmark. This benchmark matches candidates to the specific job and the company culture. By including job fit as a key factor in your employee selection process, your hiring process will be significantly more effective.
How do benchmarks work?

Based on objective criteria, your management team selects top performers in a given position. The top performing employees are assessed on their mental ability, behavioral traits and occupational interest, which include the following core competencies:

Learning index
Verbal skill and reasoning
Numerical ability and reasoning
Energy level

See the rest of the list on the original article here

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