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Creating space for bodymind balance creativity & motivation at work /Avigail Berg-Panitz

Posted by Berg-Panitz, Avigail at Tuesday, 06/26/2012 5:06 pm
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World economy recession and global HR competition bring anxiety, stress and uncertainty in workplaces everywhere. No matter if the company is a large corporate, a medium size or a startup, there is insecurity in the air. Together with the new technologies of Smartphone and laptop that are provided to more and more employees, separation between home life and work life doesn’t exists any longer and that in fact, adds to the stress.

The paradox however is: Though more assignments are given to employees, the productivity and motivation at work don’t grow as much as expected. Even money incentives don’t encourage more work to be accomplished.

The reason is wellness at work! Wellness means – recognition, respect, care, appreciation, gratitude and attention to the individual’s personality, creativity and health.

Companies like Google and Facebook acknowledge the above. From a Price/Performance or ROI aspects, every company should invest in the wellness of its employees.

1.        Applying preventive medicine program will result less missing working days because of illnesses
2.       Less stress at work
3.       More efficient work
4.       Anger management and better communication
5.       Manifestation of personal creativity, involvement and motivation

We suggest creating SilentSoundSpace @ work.

What is a silent/sound space @ work?

It’s a space where you tune your body, mind and spirit (if you perceive you have one)
It’s a space where you examine your inner connectivity between your biological subsystems: nervous, blood, muscles and your mind subsystems: thoughts emotions, memory, dreams , imagination.

The space which is a room or a hall, which has a special Vibroacoustic bed that convert low sound frequencies into internal body massage of organs, tissues and cells. You lie on the bed and the waves pat and gently tickle you from within. The therapy which was invented in Finland and Norway is being used in Scandinavia as part of physical therapy and psychotherapy to reduce pain and stress.

Over 30 years of academic research, applied research and cases studies, show that low sound frequencies in the range of 30Hz-120 Hz reduce stress and pain, recharge energies and enable people to refocus in their assignments.
SielntsoundSpace is very effective to body and mind attunement. The vibrations actually shift energies from sustaining stress to creativity and optimism.

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